New foals are born


At 10 February our Ster+Preferent mare Unia van stal Linde was gaving birth due a c-section at the veterinarian clinic in Roosendaal. Luckily the mare and the colt survived this operation and both are doing great. His name is C-section van Zomerstaete, sired by Tiede 501 x Doaitsen 420 x Bonne 341.

The first filly named Aura H.F.F. has been born 29 January. She is sired by Epke 474 Sport-Elite x Crown AAA mare sired by Jouwe 485 Sport. Her mother and she are owned by a customer from the USA. Congratulations Coreen with Aura.



With years of experience we have managed to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Extra training, castration, and other necessities to help the customer to transport the horses all over the world.


Trustworthy & an Honest advice to building a long-term relationship.


Most of our horses has been clinical and/or good on x-rays approved for sport.