First mares has been inseminated for 2025


Breeding is our passion and we have selected through the 18 years we are having this farm the best bloodlines to breed with. The first mares are pregnant or been bred already for having a foal in 2025. We use several approved Friesian stallions in order to combine the good and the weak points with the stallion and the mare, in order to get a better foal in the future.

The stallions we have used so far are: Menso 542 AAA, Kanne 534 AAA, Maurus 441 Sport, Martinus 539 AAA, Alger 522 AAA, Jouwe 485 Sport-Elite AAA and we will use several others as well. It is hours of reading books, the heritage of the parents and study other results from the past.

This year (2024) we expect 10 foals sired by Tiede 501 Sport AAA, Kanne 534 AAA, Epke 474 Sport-Elite AAA, Hilbrand 525 AAA, Hildwin 528 AAA, Elias 494 Sport-Elite, Auwert 514 Sport AAA

Some foals will come up for sale, since we can not keep everything.




With years of experience we have managed to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Extra training, castration, and other necessities to help the customer to transport the horses all over the world.


Trustworthy & an Honest advice to building a long-term relationship.


Most of our horses has been clinical and/or good on x-rays approved for sport.