Roderick – Sold in The Netherlands


Ooh lala, we have another amazing topper available!
If you want to treat yourself, Roderick is the right horse! Roderick is a 3-year-old Willem 508 x Bartele 472 and he is nicely ridden under saddle. Roderick gives an incredibly nice feeling to his rider and actually it’s just sit and Roderick does the rest. Of course he is still young but Roderick already possesses enormous balance and you can feel the fine and easy way of moving under you. He is a horse that will go far with the right rider; because of his forward and down-to-earth attitude and his great way of moving. Roderick can walk very well and spaciously, trots with lots of power and suppleness and canters very skilfully and uphill. In short, if you are looking for that incredibly fine and talented horse, we have him! Roderick is sound on x-rays.



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