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Reactie over het paard Roman


I have meant to write to you both for months but I get SO busy and I forget. Roman is doing great! He is truly a one-in-a-million horse! He is so kind and SO intelligent! I have been riding him for 6 weeks now and he is learning everything very quickly. My trainer is really impressed with him! The problem we are having now is that, since he learns so quickly, we have to keep things fresh and interesting for him because he is only 3 and a half and we don't want him to progress too quickly. It's a nice 'problem' to have!

When I take him out, complete strangers come up to us and tell him how handsome he is. He is truly a head turner! More than his jaw dropping good looks is his heart and character. I have worked with horses my entire life and I have never met a horse with the absolute kind and gentle nature that he has. I feel so incredibly BLESSED to have Roman in my life! Thank you for helping me find him!

I am completely "sold" on Friesians and I know that I will buy more in the future. You can expect to hear more from me as I will come back to you to help me find more Back Beauties :)

Thank You!


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  • Kwaliteit "het kaf is reeds gescheiden van het koren"
  • Service op allerlei vlakken: extra training, castratie, hulp bieden bij het organiseren van transport wereldwijd
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  • Meeste paarden klinisch en/of röntgenologisch gekeurd voor de sport

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