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6 August 2023 - Both FHS Kjeld and FHS Epke had been selected for the half finals in the Fryso Florian Cup in September 2023

Both stallions were ridden by Debby de Graaf. These talented dressage horses has been invited for the half finals in September 2023. FHS Epke H scored the highest points of this day.

31 July 2023 - First premium Ster mare at the breeding day in Schijndel

Today our 3 year old mare Marrichje St.M sired by Menne 496 Sport AA x Loadewyk 431 Sport-Elite AA stood first place in her group and received a FIRST premium!! This mare is in foal by Martzen 521 Sport-Elite AA and she is due 20 April 2024. She has been invited for the Central Mare Keuring in September. Only 4 mares received today a FIRST premium out of a group of 40 mares. She is a very special, unique mare and would come for sale since we cannot keep everything, for serious buyers only. 

14 July 2023 - Successes on the Keuring in Nisse and in Lunteren

Our own bred mare J'adore Hinke van Zomerstaete sired by Jehannes 484 Sport x Norbert 444 Sport+Preferent out of Victoria van Zomerstaete, Crown+Sport mare became Ster at the breeding day in Nisse. She will be used for our own breeding programm and we have bred her by Tiede 501. 

At the 2nd breeding day in Lunteren we have had big successes! Our 3 year old mare Martsje van de Zonnenberg sired by Omer 493 Sport x Pier 448 Sport became first premium Ster, first place in her group. She comes out of an interesting bloodline with 0,78% inbreeding and a low affinity percentage of 16,6%.

The 2nd mare we have had here at the breeding day, became also first premium Ster, first place in her big group. Lys Birkemose is her name, she scored this year already 80 points in her IBOP. She is also sired by Omer 493 Sport x Jasper 366 Sport+Preferent and comes out of a famous bloodline with lots of 9 times Preferent in a row, her mother is even: Crown+Double Preferent+Prestation mare. Lys also has a low inbreeding of 0,20% and a low affinity percentage of 16,7%. We have flushed an embryo from her sired by Hilbrand 525 AAA and bred her back by Tiede 501. 

4 October 2022 - TV recordings for the program Asian Air Safari from the Philippines

TV recordings for the program Asian Air Safari from the Philippines

14 April 2021 - Besides Friesian horses we also has been started to sell high quality Pura Raza Española (P.R.E) horses

Unfortunately, Covid 19 holds everyone in its grip. Each country has its own problems. Fortunately, we have the privilege of being able to train our Friesian and P.R.E. horses every day, to see them grow and eventually find a suitable match with our customers at home and abroad. In addition, we are thankful that despite all the misery regarding the Corona virus, we certainly have nothing to complain about when it comes to the sale of our horses, both in Europe and far beyond.
In fact, the Friesian horse is more popular than ever. Due to the scarcity in the market, there is a shortage of well-trained, healthy, honest Friesian horses. Unfortunately, year in, year out, fewer mares are being covered each year. This is mainly due to the aging of the breeders and few new breeders are coming in. So we had, (unfortunately in 2020) again a decrease of 300 less covered mares.
We were therefore diligently looking for a 2nd horse breed to sell in addition to our Friesian horses. A horse breed that is traditionally known for its cooperative, intelligent, reliable character, baroque appearance, willingness to work and with studbook registration papers to ensure quality. In addition, health is very important to us.
This has made us decide to start selling Pura Raza Española (P.R.E) horses from now on, next to the Friesian horses.
Both breeds are close to each other and also in terms of use they show many similarities. We are very happy how well this step has been received by old customers, new customers and on our social media, emails and phone calls we have received many positive responses. This way we can continue to offer you a varied selection and help you find a good match, whether it is a Friesian horse or a P.R.E horse.
All horses have been clinically and or radiographically examined for the sport which was in order. The average prices of our Friesian and P.R.E. horses are between 9.500,- and 30.000,- Euro, with some exceptions.

 FHS Messi at the beach '20

18 September 2020 - Subtop; FHS Undercover scores 61,608% in his first ZZ - Z level competition

Our 7 year old Ster+Sport stallion FHS Undercover (sired by Norbert 444 Sport+Pref) scored a 3th place in a group of 9 (other breed horses) and scored his first winning point in the ZZ-Z level dressage. We are very proud on his achievements together with his rider Corina Conradi - van den Bunt and we are looking forward for more results in the future!! News article of FHS Undercover


19 June 2020 - Lots of exciting news to share with you

Dear visitor / customer of our website. We feel blessed that despite the Corona virus, our business is still going strong and nobody passed away in our families and relations.
We sell a lot of Friesians horses here in The Netherlands and from time to time other countries in Europe.
We didn’t have had any export outside Europe since the start of the Corona virus (here in Holland) but the first friesian horses are being sold now to countries like USA and the transporters are starting up as well. So we have a good feeling about this too.
We like to have the best quality of Friesian horses for sale and place the horses as soon as possible at our homepage. We are also improving our mobile version of our web page. If you do have comments, please let us know. Nowadays you can also contact us easily via Whatsapp!

Our 10 newborn foals are doing great and looks fabulous. Our first horse on the Keuring / inspection received the Ster predicate. His name is Douwe and he is for sale and sired by Hessel 480 Sport x Beart 411 Sport+Preferent. Our First premium, own bred mare Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete scored 79 points for her IBOP which is also a great result! 10 Mares are scanned pregnant for 2021 and our intention is too bred 17 mares in total this year for 2021!

30 March 2020 - Several foals has been born

At the moment we have 4 new born foals at our farm. We will list them up shortly:

- Magic Mike van Zomerstaete born at 25 february 2020, a sublime moving colt sired by Tymen 503 out of our own bred Prov. Crown mare Victoria van Zomerstaete, sired by Norbert 444 Sport+Pref x Onne 376 Sport - stam line 008

- Oliver van Zomerstaete born at 3 march 2020, a gorgeous, very tall colt sired by Epke 474 x Gjalt 426 x Folkert 353 out of a 3rd premium Studbook mare named Fardou van de Olde Mette Moate - stam line 0038. This colt is together with his mother for sale.

- Namasté van Zomerstaete born at 20 march 2020, due embryo flusing out of our Foalbook+Preferent mare Hinke van de Broekstraat. She is sired by Menne 496 x Onne 376, her grand mother is Model+Preferent - stam line 008

- Oeh Lala van Zomerstaete, born at 22 march 2020, due embryo flusing, full sister of Namasté van Zomerstaete out of our foalbook+Preferent mare Hinke van de Broekstraat. Sired by Menne 496 x Onne 376 - stam line 008

 Photo: Magic Mike van Zomerstaete

 Photo: Oliver van Zomerstaete

 Photo: Namasté van Zomerstaete

 Photo: Oeh Lala van Zomerstaete

7 March 2020 - FHS Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete scored 3 winning points at L1 level dressage

It was the first time Charissa and FHS Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete going on competition. They scored twice a First place and 3 winning points. We are very happy and proud on our own bred mare!!

 Photo: FHS Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete and her rider Charissa Flier-Verhey 

22 January 2020 - FHS Undercover received the KFPS Sport predicate

Sometimes you come across a very special horse with a great future ahead. That’s what happened with FHS Undercover (Ster stallion sired by Norbert 444 Sport+Preferent). He is now at the place of Corina Conradi-Van den Bunt in training and she took him to a couple of competitions. He received easily the Sport predicate and she will train him for the upper levels. We are very excited of this combination and looking forward what the future will bring us. 

 Photo: FHS Undercover with Corina Conradi - van den Bunt


15 January 2020 - Highlights 2019

8 Oktober 2019 - We were part in the televison program from RTV Rijnmond (a local television) with our company

We have been a couple of times earlier interviewed by the newspaper and other television programs. A lot of people are interested in who we are and what we are specialized in. Of course we love to share our passion for our Friesian horses and would like to share this video with you. Enjoy the video and take a cup of tea or a cup of coffee...!  You can watch this video here  

16th of July 2019 FHANA 35th Anniversary had been organized by family Muilwijk in combination with other families in Canada. They organized a very nice Anniversary and used a couple of horses we sold to Canada. Thank you all for sharing the pictures below, we are very proud of your efforts!  For a video of this event, you can click here...!

 Photo: Wim and Tillie W, sold to this great family in 2018 

 Photo: Wim and Tillie W

 Photo: Nita and Tillie W


14 January 2020 - Booth at the KFPS Stallion show and our open sales days were a great success!!

We are very satisfied with our booth at the KFPS stallion show. This keuring was already sold out for a couple of months and we have spoken with a lot of friends ('old' customers) and new interesting people for the future. We feel very blessed with this.

The open sales days at Sunday 12th and Monday 13th January were a big success. It was overwhelming how many people visited our facility. A couple of hundred people enjoyed being around our black pearls and our whole team and also the students did a fantastic job to talk with everyone and tell more about who we are, what our passion is and how we are able to match customers with our horses. Thank you everyone who joined us! Such days gives an enormous boost to continue what we started 15 years ago!

 Below a couple of pictures of these days and check out the video here of our ‘showroom’.

 Photo: FHS Messi

 Photo: FHS Messi and Charissa Flier

 Photo: Our booth at the KFPS Stallion show 2020

 Photo: a part of the people who enjoyed our open days


8 November 2019 - Again a great success for one of our sold horses to Mexico 

We are very proud that the mare Sonya H (orginal sold as a 2nd premium Ster mare) became last year Reserve Champion at the Keuring in Oosterland with a first premium Ster predicate. We sold her in foal by Aarnold 471 Sport too a good relation / customer in Mexico.

He has a very nice facility and only imports quality horses. This resulted in an IBOP of 82,5 points (!!) with Leonie Evink and she become CROWN today. This is the 2nd mare in history who became CROWN in Mexico.

Sonya H is the one with the highest IBOP score in Mexico!! We are very happy for Jose Antonio, his wife and family and wish him all the luck with Sonya and all the other horses we have sold to him.

We are very blessed and feel honored that so many sold horses all over the world are doing so great at the Keuring in hand and also with the high IBOP scores. If you are looking for a quality Friesian horse, we can help you with this! For sale page...

 Photo: Sonya H with her rider Leonie Evink

 Photo: 3 new crown mares 

4 November 2019 - Many sold horses left on transport the last weeks

We are very pleased how well the business goes. A lot of sold horses left the past weeks to different countries! Belgium, Latvia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and USA.

 Photo: Bieuwe, Ster gelding sired by Jouwe 485 Sport x Take 455 Sport - Sold to Latvia! 

24 oktober 2019 - Ziezo van Zomerstaete scores a good IBOP test and became 2nd place at the European championship in the small finale!

The success story continues with our own bred stallion Ziezo van Zomerstaete. He stood at the 2nd place in the small finale of the European Championship dressage with his rider/owner Nathalie Vorenhout. A couple of weeks later performed an excellent IBOP riding test of 77,5 points with an 8.0 for the canter! We are very happy Ziezo has such a good rider/owner and we are looking forward for more successes!!

 Photo: Ziezo van Zomerstaete and his owner/rider Nathalie Vorenhout 

14 September 2019 - Central Mare Keuring with great results! 

Our own bred Ster mare Victoria van Zomerstaete stood at first place in her group and became provisional Crown today. In the championship round she stood at the 6th place of the total of 14 mares. We are very proud on this success! Last December 2018 we sold the 4 year old 2nd premium Ster mare Yfke (Yaniek). She became also Provisional Crown and became Reserve Champion of the group of 4 till 6 year old Ster mares. We are very happy with this result and would like to congratulate her owners once more!

 Photo: Victoria van Zomerstaete

 Photo: Yfke (Yaniek)

30 August 2019 - The 4 year old stallion Ziezo van Zomerstaete 12th place at the Hippiade in Ermelo at the L2 level dressage!

Our own bred 4 year old stallion Ziezo van Zomerstaete (v. Hessel 480 x Yvonne van Zomerstaete) with his owner became 12th of Holland at the L2 level dressage! Huge congratulations to this owner and rider Nathalie Vorenhout with this great result! We are very happy as a breeder that such a passionated rider invest all the time and effort into the dressage carreer of Ziezo. We are very proud on the both of you!! 

 Photo: Ziezo van Zomerstaete and his owner/rider Nathalie Vorenhout

14 August 2019 - Reserve Champion at the breeding day of Ambt Delden of the 4 year and older Ster / Crown mares our own bred first premium Ster mare Victoria van Zomerstaete 

 Photo: Victoria van Zomerstaete (v. Norbert 444 Sport+Pref x Onne 376 Sport - Hinke van de Broekstraat vb+Preferent) Photo credit: Ingrid Truijens

 Photo: Victoria van Zomerstaete (reserve champion of the 4 year and older Ster / Crown mares) Photo credit: Ingrid Truijens

5 August 2019 - Great results on the breeding day of Hilvarenbeek!

This was an exciting day since we had two chances on this breeding day. Our first (own bred) mare Bonita van Zomerstaete (v. Hessel 480 x Onne 376 – Hinke van de Broekstraat) became Ster with a 2nd premium. This makes her mother Preferent which means Victoria, Zilverschoon, Bonita, Doutzen and Je suis Jolie has now three times Preferent in her mother line.
The second mare Ayu van Zomerstaete (v. Hessel 480 x Harmen 424 – Anne Renate) became also Ster with a 2nd premium. and stood thirth place after the Champion of the whole day. This makes her mother also Preferent. This mare is in foal by Markus 496!
We are very happy with these results! We want to thank Gebrs van Manen for their training and expert!

 Photo: Bonita van Zomerstaete (v. Hessel 480 x Onne 376 - Hinke van de Broekstraat Vb+Preferent)

 Photo: Ayu van Zomerstaete (v. Hessel 480 x Harmen 424 - Anne Renate Ster+Preferent)

6 July 2019 - Wester fan 't Lakerveld received his breeding permit for Australia! 

Wester fan 't Lakerveld received the Ster predicate this year at the QLD Keuring and scored an IBOP of 84 points, the 2nd highest score in Australian history. He is now selected for the 6th stallion in Australia with having a breeding permit from the KFPS. We are very happy and proud with all these results and wants to congratulate his owner Meisha Demears again with this remarkable results! We are very happy we sold this high quality stallion to Australia and he gets his chances to proof him self at the breeding circuit!

 Photo: Wester fan 't Lakerveld 

5 July 2019 - La Vie van Zomerstaete is born, the last of the 11 foals in totally

At the date of 27 June 2019, La Vie van Zomerstaete is born. She was a weak filly, who was born two weeks too early. We found out the other day that she drunk too less colustrum and therefor we had to bring her to the veterinarian clinic of DAP Suylighem. There they gave her blood serum of her mother and luckily enough she starts to get more fit every day and now she is doing very well! We are the veterinarians of DAP Suylighem very thankful for the work they did!! It is smart for every breeder, also from abroad to test the immunoglobuline G (IgG)

 Photo: La Vie van Zomerstaete (v. Menne 496 x Loadewyk 431 - Charmant van Zomerstaete)

 Photo: La Vie van Zomerstaete (v. Menne 496 x Loadewyk 431 - Charmant van Zomerstaete)

29 June 2019 - Keuring Oosterland - Great successes for us and for the horses we sold last year and their new owners!

We had a great sunny day this first keuring of the year. Our ET filly Je suis Jolie van Zomerstaete received a 1st Premium and became reserve champion of the fillies. Her 2 year old sister Doutzen van Zomerstaete received a good 2nd premium and a 2nd place. We also have two pretty studbook mares for sale. A 3rd premium studbookmare named Bijou van de Koningshoeve (v. Tonjes 459 x Jasper 366 x Naen 264) and Black Beauty van Zomerstaete (v. Jouwe 485 x Loadewyk 431).

But also 3 customers of us brought their own horses to this keuring with fantastic results. The gelding FHS mats became ster with a 2nd premium, the mare Yfke became Ster with a second premium and the mares Yfke (aka Yaniek) became ster with a 1st premium and got a ticket for the Central Keuring. Congratulations to you all!

 Photo: Je suis Jolie van Zomerstaete, first premium filly and reserve champion fillies. (v. Menne 496 x Onne 376 - Hinke van de Broekstraat) 

 Photo: Yfke (sold her under the name Yaniek last year) First premium Ster and a ticket for the Central mare inspection. (v. Beart 411 x Nanno 372)

 Photo: Doutzen van Zomerstaete, 2nd premium, 2nd place (v. Thorben 466 x Onne 376 - Hinke van de Broekstraat) 

 Photo: Black Beauty van Zomerstaete (v. Jouwe 485 x Loadewyk 431)

 Photo: Bijou van de Koningshoeve (v. Tonjes 459 x Jasper 366)  

23 June 2019 - 3 days concours - FHS Mats became Champion of the 3 days competition on Z1 level dressage and FHS Messi became Champion of the 3 days competition on M2 level dressage.

We would like to congratulate Serana van den Burgt en Patricia de Koning with this great results of FHS Mats. We are also very proud at the achievements of Charissa Flier-Verheij with FHS Messi. It was their debut in the M2 level dressage, they won this weekend 6 winning points and also became overall champion in this class. 

 Photo: on the left: FHS Mats and on the right: FHS Messi

 Photo: FHS Mats and FHS Messi

15 June 2019 We have had our open day which was a huge success!

We enjoyed the open day and we have met a lot of new people and customers from the past. It was a huge success and we would like to see everybody back at our open sales days in January 2020!

 Photo: Bieuwe

11 May 2019 - CH Lunteren - Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete Champion as best dressage mare 

Our own bred first premium Ster and Champion mare of Hilvarenbeek 2018 named Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete (Hessel 480) became Champion and won the competition again other quality mares at CH Lunteren. We are very grateful the judges had really nice compliments to Zilverschoon and they said: "she has a lot of quality for future dressage competitions". We want to thank her rider Jacob van der Heide for his friendly way of riding Zilverschoon and his great performances! The coming period Zilverschoon will be used for flushing embryo's and end of June her first competitions will be at L level dressage. Will be continued...!

 Photo: Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete - Credit: Ingrid Truijens

18 april 2019 - Friesian horses are being sold via the Hoeksche Waards 'datingburo' all over the world


The televison RTV Rijnmond was our guest today and they made a nice video about our passion and job. Click here

Eén van de grootste handelaren in Friese paarden, die verwacht je niet in de Hoeksche Waard. Toch gaan de paarden van Charissa en Richard Flier vanuit Mijnsheerenland de hele wereld over. Jaarlijks worden zo’n honderd paarden verkocht aan klanten in zo'n dertig landen.

“Daar zitten hele bijzondere klanten bij”, vertelt Charissa trots. “De bekende schrijver Dan Brown bijvoorbeeld, een sultan uit Oman en zelfs een buitenlandse president heeft zes paarden bij ons gekocht. Maar daar mogen we verder niks over bekend maken.” Bij een bezoek aan Nederland met zijn privéjet kwam heel wat beveiliging kijken.

Zelf vinden Charissa en Richard de term ‘handelsstal’ niet helemaal de lading dekken. "We zeggen voor de grap weleens dat we een datingbureau hebben, omdat we echt kijken naar of een paard en een klant goed bij elkaar passen."


Gouden Koets


Friese paarden worden gezien als de crème de la crème onder de paarden. De volledig zwarte paarden lopen voor de gouden koets op Prinsjesdag en zijn te zien in allerlei grote Hollywoodfilms. Het soort klanten dat aanklopt in Mijnsheerenland is dan ook heel divers. "De ene dag stapt er hier iemand binnen op klompen en de andere dag op Prada-hakken", zegt Charissa.

Het stel was nog geen 20 jaar bij de start van het bedrijf en moest nog veel leren. Zeker in een wereld waar goede contacten zo belangrijk zijn, was het flink aanpoten om geaccepteerd en gerespecteerd te worden.

“Dit hebben we allemaal kunnen doen dankzij mijn vader, die ‘Frysk-Andaluz’ veertien jaar geleden kocht. En we zijn nog steeds heel blij met deze locatie. Het is een prachtig stukje groen in de Hoeksche Waard en we zitten dichtbij Rotterdam Airport en Schiphol”, aldus Richard.




Charissa legt uit dat er vooral veel tijd zit in het trainen van de dieren. “We maken ze vertrouwd met de mens en laten ze wennen aan bereden worden. Voor de waarde van het paard is het belangrijk dat het dier er vrolijk en gezond uitziet, dus met mooie spieren. En hoe braver, hoe eerder het paard verkocht wordt.”

Friese paarden fokken doen de twee ook, maar dan vooral als hobby en op kleine schaal. Ook in de nacht van dinsdag op woensdag werd er een veulen geboren. “Dat is nummer acht dit jaar en we verwachten er elf. Als je dan bedenkt dat we zo’n honderd paarden per jaar verkopen, snap je wel dat we daar niet tegenop kunnen fokken.” De meeste paarden die worden verkocht, komen van fokkers uit Friesland.

En als zo’n paard verkocht wordt, is afscheid nemen ook niet altijd makkelijk. “Met sommige paarden heb je een hechtere band dan met anderen.  Als die dan naar het buitenland gaan en je weet dat je ze nooit meer ziet, dan laten we nog weleens een traantje.”

25 March 2019 - Australian Keuring, Gold Coast - Queensland

Our sold horses to Australia has achieved fantastic results on the Australian Keuring with the Dutch judges from the KFPS!

The stallion named Wester (Hessel 480 x Sjaard 321) achieving the mega inspection result of 84 on his IBOP and he received the Ster predicate! We are very proud to announce Wester is the overall IBOP Champion of Australia! Also the Ster mare, old champion Haitske fan het Vaantje (Haitse 425 x Teunis 332) received 80 points in her IBOP. 

The Crown mare Gabriëlle ofSikisikawaFriesian, a daughter of our sold mare Thesse H. van Bellingeweer received 79 points in her IBOP and became Reserve Champion later on the day! 

Congratulations to Jenny Rapson the owner of Tjibbe. Tjibbe is purchased at our stable and lives in Australia now. We are really proud of this amazing horse who become Ster last weekend and had a great IBOP of 82,5 points! 

<img src="media/960x641/9355-Wester_with_good_IBOP_result.jpg" a Contact us

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