Friesian stallions and geldings



Markus 491 AA x Olof 315 Sport+Preferent - Nice stallion with a pretty face and manes

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Pedro – Ster

Tymen 503 Sport-Elite AAA x Beart 411 Sport+Pref - Attractive Ster stallion

Pedro is one of our favorites of the moment. Pedro is a strikingly luxurious stallion with a refined and athletic build, a super pretty little…

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Wiebe – L2+9 wp

Hessel 480 Sport x Tsjalke 397 - Once in a lifetime horse

Looking for a “once in a lifetime” horse? Wiebe is a large appearance with his height of 1.70m but has a heart of gold! Wiebe…

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Sieme – Ster

Matthys 504 Sport-Elite AAA x Alwin 469 Sport+Preferent AAA - Future sports horse

Sieme is an imposing 2nd round Star stallion. Sieme is a horse to dream of and he has everything to score in the highest classes….

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Nozem – Ster

Yme 507 Sport AA x Norbert 444 Sport+Pref - Ster stallion with a powerful motor out of a Crown+Pref mother

Nozem is a remarkably well-moving stallion. He may therefore rightfully represent the name Star. Nozem is truly an automaton: eager to learn, well-behaved, willing to…

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Markus 491 AAA x Pike 316 - Stunning looking Friesian stallion

Straight out of a fairy tale book…. Our Maxim is a gorgeous stallion who stands well in conformation, has particularly good mane and front pluck…

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Ties – Z2+10 wp – ZZ light ready

Bartele 472 Sport AAA x Meinse 439 - Uncomplicated horse suitable for dressage and hacking out alone

May we introduce you to this incredibly sweet and cool schoolmaster!?!! Ties was purchased from us as a 3-year-old and we are honoured to be…

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Tjebbe 500 Sport x Beart 411 Sport+Pref - Tall, first premium as a foal

Sjors is an incredibly beautiful, big stallion with a lot of charisma. He is a real king in the stable, a proud Friesian with a…

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Tjebbe 500 Sport x Lolke 371 Sport - the candy of the stable

The candy of the stable! Some horses present themselves so beautifully in front of your camera that every shot is a hit, and that was…

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Tiede 501 Sport x Gerben 479 Sport - wonderful stallion

Another black beauty, may we present to you this stallion named Saam. He is a beautiful stallion sired by Tiede 501 Sport x Gerben 479…

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Tiede 501 Sport x Pier 448 Sport - natural black beauty

Sjonny is a very pretty and handsome stallion. Besides his natural beauty he is a good mover as well. Sjonny comes out of a top…

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Tiede 501 Sport x Beart 411 Sport+Pref - First premium and Champion as a foal

Pieter was as a foal first premium and champion of the breeding day in Ambt Delden. He moves with a lot of flair and elegance….

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Alwin 469 Sport+Preferent x Rindert 406 Sport - lots of feathers and manes

Promissing stallion with lots of feathers and long manes sired by Alwin 469 Sport+Preferent x Rindert 406 Sport. Recently sound on x-rays. Great personality and…

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Quike – Ster

Alke 468 Sport x Beart 411 Sport+Pref - Majestic Ster stallion

Quike is a majestic Friesian Ster stallion, an unique bred stallion sired by Alke 468 Sport x Beart 411 Sport+Preferent. His mother is Ster+Preferent /…

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Tymen 503 Sport-Elite AAA x Norbert 444 Sport+Pref AAA - 0,00% inbreeding

Romcke is a real class act, handsome in conformation and a sublime mover and all this with 0.00% inbreeding in 5 generations! He is a…

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FHS Kjeld – L2+30 winning points

Alwin 469 Sport x Norbert 444 Sport+Pref - L2+24 Winning points - Future Top Sports horse - Rare to find - Eye catcher!

Kjeld is our topper! If you are looking for a horse with a down-to-earth uncomplicated character but with sport mentality, experience and talent, Kjeld may…

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With years of experience we have managed to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Extra training, castration, and other necessities to help the customer to transport the horses all over the world.


Trustworthy & an Honest advice to building a long-term relationship.


Most of our horses has been clinical and/or good on x-rays approved for sport.