Friesian mares



Arent 515 AAA x Loadewyk 431 Sport-Elite - Luxury mare with top movements and a golden personality

Smaragd van Zomerstaete has been born at our facility and grown up in the group. She is a very social, easy going mare who is…

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Elias 494 Sport-Elite x Wikke 404 Sport - Full papered filly with 0,00% inbreeding

Ariel van Zomerstaete was born here and is currently growing up in the group. She is very social and affectionate in terms of her character….

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Elouisa – Ster

Omer 493 Sport AA x Sibald 380 - Full papered Ster mare, in foal by Kees 531 AAA

Elouisa is a full papered 2nd premium Ster mare with good papers. She has an inbreeding of only 0,20% and an affinity percentage of just…

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Sjoukje Yfke

Nane 492 Sport AAA x Epke 474 Sport-Elite - high quality 3rd premium studbookmare with lots of sports

Sjoukje Yfke is a high quality 3rd premium studbook mare with excellent full papers. She has a lot of sport ability and is willing to…

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Geke H – First premium Ster

Alwin 469 Sport+Preferent AAA x Maurus 441 Sport - Reserve Champion on the Keuring - Excellent broodmare - Bred back by Hildwin 528 AAA

We proudly present to you: Geke H, a 1st premium Ster mare and reserve champion Fokdag at Schijndel 2021. This mare is bred by Wil…

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Olly – Ster

Menne 496 Sport AA x Pier 448 Sport - Out of the famous Synaeda motherline with lots of preferent - Bred by Jehannes 484 Sport-Elite AAA

We are proud to introduce you: Olly vd Bokkefarm. A great Star mare with lots of size, front, luxury and strong movements! In short, the…

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Julius 486 Sport-Elite x Sake 449 Sport - Very nice looking Studbookmare

This beautiful mare is really a lovely uncomplicated horse. Julia is 5 years old, 1.62m tall and due to her robust size she shows much…

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Hessel 480 Sport x Harmen 424 Sport - In foal by Jeroen 535 Sport-Elite - Full papered Stermare

We are proud to introduce to you: Ayu from Zomerstaete. We bred this mare ourselves at the time and sold her as a 3 year…

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Jehannes 484 Sport-Elite AAA x Doaitsen 420 Sport - Full papered mare out of a great motherline

Silke is a promising mare sired by Jehannes 484 Sport-Elite AAA x Doaitsen 420 Sport x Djurre 284. She comes out of a TOP motherline…

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La Vie

Menne 496 Sport AA x Loadewyk 431 Sport-Elite AA - In foal by Maurus 441 Sport with 0,00% inbreeding

La vie van Zomerstaete was born and raised here elsewhere in a very nice place with free range and pasture. Her dam was a provisional…

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Markus 491 AAA x Fonger 478 Sport AAA - Very pretty full papered 2 year old mare

Vemme is a very pretty breed-typical Markus 491 AAA daughter from a full paper dam line. On the dam’s side we see the strong moving…

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Gerben 479 Sport AAA x Jasper 366 Sport+Pref - Full papered luxury mare with excellent movements

Pheleine is a super beautiful 3-year-old mare by Gerben 479 x the legend Jasper 366. Pheleine has a lot of luxury and breed and is…

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Most of our horses has been clinical and/or good on x-rays approved for sport.