Ties – Z2+10 wp – ZZ light ready


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Ties – Z2+10 wp – ZZ light ready

Bartele 472 Sport AAA x Meinse 439 - Uncomplicated horse suitable for dressage and hacking out alone








+/- 1.67 m


Z2 dressage + 10 winning points - ZZ light ready

May we introduce you to this incredibly sweet and cool schoolmaster!?!! Ties was purchased from us as a 3-year-old and we are honoured to be able to broker him now. A super home and nice owner is definitely a requirement for this horse.
Ties is a very handsome appearance who can move well and has a golden character. Ties currently has 8 points in Z2 and he does this with ease. He is nice to ride and always does his best, he will not let you down and wants to try everything. He is certainly not out of his training yet and can certainly be ridden at a higher level. Ties knows all the basic exercises like sidewards, shoulder in, backwards, appuyements, travers, etc. But he also knows the exercises of the higher level like piaffe, passage and easy and flying canter changes. Ties gives a familiar feeling as soon as you mount him, and although he knows all the exercises, he is not a hot or sensitive horse, but a horse to enjoy because he is certainly not lazy. Uncomplicated is the right word for Ties.
Ties has belonged to the same owner since he was 3 years old, but he is used to and easy with new riders. Ties loves a nice forest and beach ride or a ride around the village immensely. He can go on trail rides alone and with other horses and he is traffic-proof. Ties is easy in the trailer, he walks in and out by himself. He is also well-behaved at the vet (vaccinations etc.) and farrier. Ties is a real cuddler, he enjoys being brushed and all the attention from people and children.

Ties is the perfect opportunity for someone who is looking for a schoolmaster, possibly for the whole family, for someone who wants to compete and win a lot of competitions, but also for someone who likes to cuddle and groom and wants to combine competition sport with recreation. Ties is an all-rounder and an excellent opportunity for the enthusiast! Ties is sound on x-rays.

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