Olly – Ster


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Olly – Ster

Menne 496 Sport AA x Pier 448 Sport - Out of the famous Synaeda motherline with lots of preferent - Bred by Jehannes 484 Sport-Elite AAA








+/- 1,67 m



We are proud to introduce you: Olly vd Bokkefarm. A great Star mare with lots of size, front, luxury and strong movements! In short, the ideal basis for contemporary breeding.
This Star mare is excellently bred because she comes from the very strong breeding “Synaeda” mother line! Mare lineage 002. A superb bloodline: Menne 496 Sport AA x Pier 448 Sport AA x Tsjerk 328 Sport+Preferent.
Olly’s mother is Ster with several 1st premium foals / Frigga fan Synaeda Kroon+Preferent AA – 5* – grandmother of the approved stallion Tjebbe 500 Sport AAA / Pyrrha fan Synaeda Model+Preferent+Performance mare – 13* Ster offspring and including two Model +Preferent daughters and a total of 5 Preferent daughters / Deidre fan Synaeda Ster+Preferent+5* / Ster / Ster+Preferent / Model+Preferent / Model+Preferent / Ster. Olly has been bred by Jehannes 484 Sport-Elite AAA, the coming foal will have an inbreeding of only 0,78%!

Olly is free of the dwarf gene, free of the hydrocephalus gene and free of the chestnut factor. She can therefore be covered with “any” approved stallion.
Olly was trained under saddle and in front of a cart a year ago and she is now ridden under saddle again, which she picks up easily and obediently.
Olly recently had a clinical and radiological examination, which was fine. A serious breeder who wants to start with the best of the best and/or expand, this is your chance! In addition, Olly has a nice character.

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