Noor – Sold in The Netherlands


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Noor – Sold in The Netherlands

Jouwe 485 Sport x Uldrik 457 - Out of a Crown mother - Model Grandmother - Crown+Pref+Prestm ggmother!!








+/- 1.60 m



Snatched from a fairy tale book….
This gorgeous mare is a standout. She has a gorgeous little head, lots of hair, a long neck and a strong build… she is almost the perfect picture! Noor can also move fine and also has a super fine character… actually she is too good to be true you would say. But it’s all true and not a lie! As icing on the cake, she also has a super full paper her mother is a crown mare, her grandmother a model mare and great-grandmother is a crown preferent performance mare. Noor is not yet super long under saddle but because of her sweet and easy character she picks up the work easily and gives a confident feeling. She is willing to work but not hot or shivery and she is level-headed enough to go for a nice hack in the near future. When she is handled, she is a very nice horse who is well behaved in the grooming area, gives her feet nicely, is easy on the carriage and loves to get attention!
Noor is going to make someone very happy, we are very sure of that!

Noor received as a foal a First premium. This year she became Studbook, but due her beauty, good conformation and movements we think she will be awarded higher next year. Her mother is a Crown mare AA / her grand mother is a KFPS Model mare AA / Crown+Preferent+Prestation mare / Model+Pref+Prestation mare – mare line 128.
Noor has been recently sound on x-rays which was all good.

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