Mooizo – Sold to the royalties in Jordan!


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Mooizo – Sold to the royalties in Jordan!

Menne 496 Sport x Wikke 404 Sport








+/- 1.69 m



Mooizo was born and raised with us and therefore also bred by us. His mother Yvonne van Zomerstaete was also born with us and grandmother Hinke has been with us for many years. The entire history of parents and grandparents and therefore also of Mooizo are known to us. The entire family line excels because of its fantastic characters. They are incredibly sweet and affectionate but also willing to work and work. There is also a lot of sport blood in the dam’s line and his brother Ziezo van Zomerstaete is doing very well in the competition ring and already has the Sport predicate, as does his sister Madelief van Zomerstaete. Mooizo has certainly inherited this fine character and sport mentality like all the others. Mooizo is a big stallion, still a bit youthful, the horses from this family always mature a bit late, but we see that Mooizo is getting stronger and stronger. He is nicely ridden under saddle and gives a very nice feeling, he is very well behaved but has enough drive and learns very quickly. We would like to see Mooizo with someone who will actually do something with him and who will certainly take him to the sport. We hope he will go to the inspection for the Ster predicate later on and that he will achieve the Sport predicate. With his nice character, he can certainly also be taken out for outdoor riding so it is not necessary that you will only compete but because of the dam line it is very nice for us. He is good on x-rays.

Are you looking for a super sweet, affectionate and sporty Friesian stallion? Then our Mooizo might be the horse for you!

He is sired by Menne 496 Sport x Wikke 404 Sport x Hearke 254 Sport+Preferent. His mother is a Ster mare / Ster+Preferent / Ster+Preferent / Model+Preferent / Ster+Preferent.

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