Milou – Crown AAA – Sold to the USA


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Milou – Crown AAA – Sold to the USA

Jouwe 485 Sport AAA x Lolke 371 Sport - Crown AAA mare out of a ML+PREF mare - In foal by Epke 474 Sport-Elite AAA for 2024!








+/- 1.67 m


Ridden and driven in the ABFP test 82,5 points

Unique Chance, one of the Best mares available!! Milou H is a Crown AAA mare out of a kfps Model+Preferent AAA mare – She is also the mother of the former Central mare keuring Champion Trudi, a kfps Model AA mare (sired by Wikke 404). Milou H is in foal by Epke 474 Sport-Elite AAA, her due date is half February 2024!
Milou was at the breeding day the Reserve Champion with the 3 year old mares. The motherline of the foal will be: Crown AAA / Model+Preferent AAA / Ster / Ster – Mare line 159. She has a very nice personality as well. This one won’t last long…

Milou is sired by Jouwe 485 Sport AAA x Lolke 371 Sport x Doeke 287 x Dagho 247

She is free from dwarfism, free from hydrocephalus and chesnut free. The inbreeding of Milou is 1,76% and 17,8% affinity percentage.

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