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Dandy - Very pretty Andalusian gelding!!

This beautiful big gelding is an eye-catcher! Dandy is a very nice and friendly gelding who just came from Spain. Dandy has been backed nicely, but is still green for his age, he finds it all a bit exciting in Holland and still has to learn a few things. He does the walk, trot and canter, and shows talent as a sport horse but he will also be suitable for a nice walk in the woods and on the beach. Under saddle Dandy is a forward horse,  but still you can ride him, he can be a little spooky at times and therefore not suitable for inexperienced riders yet, but he doesn't do crazy things.  Dandy is a horse that can be adjusted to your own wishes, and with some love, time and patience you will have a very nice horse. Dandy is a friendly horse that is a bit shy with putting on the halter, but as soon as he has the halter on he doesn't have a problem anymore and he likes all the attention.

Dandy is a very nice horse for (for now) an attractive price, because he still has to learn a lot. Are you looking for a horse that you can put some work into and that will give you a very nice horse? Then Dandy is certainly worth a visit!

Dandy is recently sound on x-rays which was all good. He comes with a passport.

Height:+/- 1.66 m

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See Dandy - Very pretty Andalusian gelding!! in action!


Riding video of Dandy

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