Vroukje C – Model AAA



Vroukje C – Model AAA

Norbert 444 Sport+Pref x Anton 343 Sport+Pref - In foal by Kanne 534 with 0,00% inbreeding








+/- 1.61 m


Ridden and well driven

Offered for mediation:

A unique opportunity for every breeder: Vroukje C is a Model AAA mare, a daughter out of Horse of the Year 2021 Boukje C Stb+Double Preferent+Performance (with no less than 11 Ster offspring and mother of the approved stallion Meinte 490 Sport-Elite AA). The grandmother of Vroukje is Star+Preferent and also mother of a Kroon AA mare. After this we see the following mares: Star / Star+3* / Star+Preferent / Model+3* / Model+2* (2 Model daughters) / Model+Preferent (4 Model daughters) / Star+2* / Model+2* – Mare lineage 015. Vroukje C is a daughter of Norbert 444 Sport+Preferent x Anton 343 Sport+Preferent x Jelmer 297.

Vroukje C is one of the few Model AAA mares who also passes this on to her offspring. Of her 4 offspring, no less than 3 foals received a 1st premium at the inspection. In addition, we sold her Star daughter last year to USA and she Vroukje is in foal (due date is 2-5-2024) to the extremely interesting bred Kanne 534 AAA with an inbreeding percentage of 0.00% in 5 generations and in 6 generations 0.78% and a kinship percentage of only 17.6%. Breeding value of the foal: racial type: 106 build: 108 bones: 108 Walk: 106 Trot: 106 Canter: 105

Vroukje is free of hydrocephalus, free of the dwarf gene and chestnut factor free. Vroukje has been recently examined clinically, x-rayed legs, neck and back which was fine. This exclusive horse falls into the exclusive price range. Serious requests only please.

Vroukje earned a 2nd premium as a foal and after that only 1st brought a 1st premium Champion foal there by the stallion Fonger 478. Another daughter of Vroukje C also got a 1st premium filly. As you can see; this is truly unique!

premiums with some very notable results:
2014 2nd premium as a foal
2015 1st premium as a yearling
2016 1st premium as a two year old and Champion Central mare of the two year old mares and overall youth champion
2017 1st premium Star
2021 IBOP 83.5 points for the cart (driven test)
2021 1st premium and Champion older mares breeding day at Middenbeemster
2023 1st premium and invitation to the Central Mare Show
2023: Model AAA

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    Mit jahrelanger Erfahrung ist es uns gelungen, die Spreu vom Weizen zu trennen.


    Zusätzliches Training, Kastration, um dem Kunden den Transport der Pferde in die ganze Welt zu erleichtern.


    Vertrauenswürdige und ehrliche Beratung zum Aufbau einer langfristigen Beziehung.


    Die meisten unserer Pferde waren klinisch und/oder auf Röntgenaufnahmen gut und für den Sport zugelassen.