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25 March 2019 - Australian Keuring, Gold Coast - Queensland

Our sold horses to Australia has achieved fantastic results on the Australian Keuring with the Dutch judges from the KFPS!

The stallion named Wester (Hessel 480 x Sjaard 321) achieving the mega inspection result of 84 on his IBOP and he received the Ster predicate! We are very proud to announce Wester is the overall IBOP Champion of Australia! Also the Ster mare, old champion Haitske fan het Vaantje (Haitse 425 x Teunis 332) received 80 points in her IBOP. 

The Crown mare Gabriëlle ofSikisikawaFriesian, a daughter of our sold mare Thesse H. van Bellingeweer received 79 points in her IBOP and became Reserve Champion later on the day! 

Congratulations to Jenny Rapson the owner of Tjibbe. Tjibbe is purchased at our stable and lives in Australia now. We are really proud of this amazing horse who become Ster last weekend and had a great IBOP of 82,5 points! 

20 March 2019 - FHS Rienk is participating in the Excellent Dressage Sales, first Friesian horse ever on this exclusive auction 30 March 2019!!

For the first time in the history of the Excellent Dressage Sales auction, a Friesian horse will go under the hammer. The selection committee chose this powerhouse with a wildcard for good reason: FHS Rienk is a definite talent with ability for the Grand Prix. Currently classified at the Z-level, this black pearl boasts effortless collection and therefore already shows talent for passage. FHS Rienk is by Norbert 444, who is known for passing on dressage talent. At the Friesian stallion selection, he emerged the champion three times in a row and is one of the few Friesian stallions to be declared preferent during his lifetime.

 Photo: FHS Rienk

7 March 2019 Foal season has been started

We are happy to announce the first three foals has born safe and sound! At 7 February 2019 our filly Jewel van Zomerstaete has been born. She is sired by Tymen 503 x Yvonne van Zomerstaete (Ster) sired by Wikke 404 Sport. Further on in her mother line there are 4 Preferent mothers in a row.

At 21 February 2019 our colt One of a kind van Zomerstaete has been born. He is a KWPN colt sired by Just Wimphof (v. De Niro) x Saramerette (v. Inspecteur). He is a very eye catching colt with great movements!

At 27 February 2019 our filly J'adore Hinke van Zomerstaete has been born. She is sired by Jehannes 484 Sport x Victoria van Zomerstaete (v. Norbert 444). Victoria is a First premium Ster mare out of Hinke, our mare where it all have been started. She needs one more to become Preferent. J'adore is a very pretty lady, we love all of our foals, they are doing great!! 

12 March 2019 around 22.45 hour our 4th foal has been born. Her name is Kyara van Zomerstaete. She is a daughter of Tyara, a full papered Ster mare sired by Wikke 404 Sport x Folkert 353 Sport+Preferent and her father is Jehannes 484 Sport.

 Photo: Jewel van Zomerstaete

 Photo: One of a kind van Zomerstaete

 Photo: J'adore Hinke van Zomerstaete

 Photo: Kyara van Zomerstaete

9 February 2019 Both won 2 wp in L1 and M1 dressage level

Our Ster stallion FHS Messi (Norbert 444 x Beart 411) with rider Charissa scored two first places and two winning points in his first competition on M1 level dressage. Also our FHS Jellybean (Andries 415 stallion) with our rider Suzanne scored two winning points in their first competition at L1 level dressage. We are happy with these good results. 

 Photo: FHS Jellybean

30 January 2019 Open sales days were a big success! Our Ster stallion Auke van Nico Stables is selected for the Central Examination 2019

The open sales days at 13 and 14 January 2019 were a big success. Around 300 people visited our barn and have a good idea who we are, has seen our selection of friesian horses for sale and enjoyed their day at our barn. We also sold a couple of horses and we are very satisfied with these open sales days and have spoken with a lot of old and new customers at the booth on the stallion show in Leeuwarden.

Our Ster stallion Auke van Nico Stables is selected for the Approval Test later this year. He is sired by Jorn 430 Sport x Pier 448 Sport x Onne 376 Sport. His mother is a Crown mare / Model+Sport+Preferent / Ster+Preferent / Ster+Preferent / Ster+Preferent+Prestm - Mother of Anton 343 Sport+Pref / Ster+Preferent / Model+Preferent / Model+Preferent / Ster+Preferent / Model+Preferent / Hb+Preferent. We are very pleased with this result!!

 Photo: Auke van Nico Stables

4 December 2018

This week it was the first round of the stallion keuring. Our sold Ster stallion Windsor B. (Hessel 480 x Onne 376) has been selected for the 2nd round. We would like to congratulate Jeff and Mary-Ann from the USA with this great result! Also our own young 2,5 year old stallion Auke van Nico Stables (Jorn 430 x Pier 448) has been graded Ster and selected for the 2nd round. We are very happy with these results!

 Picture: Auke van Nico Stables

5 en 6 augustus 2018: Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete verovert drie titels tijdens zomerse fokdag te Hilvarenbeek

Source: KFPS

Ze doet haar naam eer aan: Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete is ook een wonderschone merrie om te zien. Tel daarbij op haar krachtige en ruime bewegingen die ze keer op keer toonde, ondanks de warmte. Het algemeen kampioenschap op de fokdag van Het Friesche Paard Zuid-Nederland maandag in Hilvarenbeek kon haar daarmee niet meer ontgaan. Zilverschoon werd eerst verkozen tot kampioen bij de driejarige merries, vervolgens was ze de beste bij de driejarigen en ouder en uiteindelijk ook de beste van de dag. De driejarige Zilverschoon is een dochter van Hessel 480 en werd door eigenaar familie Flier van Zomerstaete BV gefokt uit een Veulenboekmerrie van Onne 476. ‘Een royaal ontwikkelde merrie met heel veel uitstraling, die mooi opwaarts draaft met een heel goed aantredend achterbeen. Deze merrie benadert heel dicht het fokdoel’, waren de lovende woorden van juryvoorzitter Sabien Zwaga.

Een fokkersdroom is uitgekomen voor ons met het behalen van het kampioenschap van onze eigen gefokte merrie Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete op een van de mooiste fokdagen van Nederland. Met de moeder van Zilverschoon is alles begonnen en dit versterkt dan ook de emoties die dan vrijkomen op zo’n keuring!! Fantastisch om dit mee te maken als familie, bedrijf, personeel en vrienden.

De moeder van Zilverschoon is Hinke van de Broekstraat, gefokt bij familie Blommers den Otter in Gemonde (Onne 376 Sport x Feitse 293 Preferent uit een Model+Preferente moeder). Hinke heeft al 3 Ster kinderen, nog 1 Ster nakomeling en ze word Preferent.

De 1e is Hero van Zomerstaete, een Sterhengst van Olrik 383, die kampioen is geworden in Slowakije. De 2e Ster nakomeling is Victoria van Zomerstaete, een 1e premie Ster merrie van Norbert 444 Sport+Preferent. Victoria verwacht haar 1e veulen half maart 2019 van de hengst Jehannes 484 Sport.

En de 3e Ster nakomeling is bovengenoemde, 1e premie Ster en kampioensmerrie Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete. Daarnaast heeft Hinke reeds een 1e premie, kampioen hengstveulen gebracht van Pier 448 Sport.

Zijn naam is Mon Chou van Zomerstaete, deze hengst heeft al voor diverse prachtige nakomelingen gezorgd in Israël. Helaas worden hier geen keuringen gehouden door het KFPS, hier had Mon Chou zeker kans gehad op het Ster predicaat. Gelukkig hebben we nog meer jonge nakomelingen staan van Hinke. Dit zijn voor alsnog Bonita van Zomerstaete (Hessel 480) en Doutzen van Zomerstaete (Thorben 466). Daarnaast hebben wij in 2018 een embryo gespoeld van Menne 496. Deze zal, mits alles goed gaat, eind maart 2019 geboren worden.

 Photo: Zilverschoon in the news paper

23 June 2018

 Photo: Sonya H. Reserve day Champion 2018 - Breeding day Oosterland

 Photo: Vrouwke, 2nd premium Ster

 Photo: Hermes van Zomerstaete, 2nd premium colt 


21 March 2018

We are very thankful for the start of the new year. We have added some new countries to our customer relations and the sold friesian horses left already to their final destinations; Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, Sweden, UK, USA. All customers are happy and satisfied so we are very thankful for this. 

In the meanwhile the first foals has been born healthy. Guusje van Zomerstaete was the first one. She is born at 24 January and she is sired by Epke 474 Sport x Wikke 404 Sport x Hearke 254 Sport+Preferent. She comes out of a full papered mother line with lots of Preferent in it. We have bred her mother back by Tymen 503. At 13 March our Dutch Warmblood mare (KWPN) gave birth to a colt. His name is N-Joy and he is sired by It’s a Pleasure x Inspecteur. We are very pleased with both foals!

 Photo: Ties Bel in Ecuador

15 December 2017

We feel blessed with the past year. We have sold around 90 Friesian horses all over the world. So many customers and returning customers did find their way to our company and we feel blessed that everyone is so grateful with the Friesian horses they bought from us. We get daily updates, nowadays a lot via Whatsapp or Facebook. In the past we received letters by post, but times have been changed.

At the moment we have a large group of stallions available, born in 2015. They almost went all to the first round on the stallion keuring and they have clean x-rays.

We want to invite you and your friends for our OPEN SALES DAYS at 14 & 15 January 2018 from 11.00 AM till 16.00. Here you can meet us for the first time or again and take a look at our current stock of Friesian horses for sale.

 Foto: Wiegert

10 November 2017

Today we made a nice video of our 'showroom'.

7 October 2017

Today we have had big sucesses on the keuring in Ermelo. Our own bred mare Victoria van Zomerstaete, sired by Norbert 444 Sport x Onne 376 Sport received the First premium Ster predicate. Our other mare named Veerle fan Stal Bellefleur, also sired by Norbert 444 Sport x Harmen 424 Sport received the 2nd premium Ster predicate. 

 Photo: Victoria

18 July 2017

Dear customer; as you probably noticed we have sold a lot of friesian horses the last couple of months. We will place end of this week a couple of new mares on the website who are for sale and just arrived at our farm.

End of next week we expect to have around 10 new horses (stallions, mares, geldings) on our farm as well. But first our veterinarian will take a closer look at their health and they will sound on x-rays as well. Will be continued... All the new horses are standing on the website.

 Photo: Dieuwke

24 June 2017

Today we have had a successful day at the Keuring in Oosterland. Our majestic looking mare named "Viebeke v.d. Wiske Hoeve" stood at first place in her group and received the 2nd premium Ster predicate. She has great scores: Racial type 8,0 / Build 7,0 / Bones 7,5 / Walk 7,0 / Trot 7,0 - close to the First premium Ster predicate! Viebeke is a Royal Friesian mare with great movements. She is sired by Epke 474 Sport x Heinse 354 Sport out of a Ster+Preferent mother / Ster+Preferent / Ster / Ster mother line. Viebeke is free from  dwarfism and hydrocephalus and the chestnut factor. Measured 1.65 m tall. 

Our own bred mare "Queen van Zomerstaete" stood also first place in her group and is awarded provisional Ster. Great results on the first breeding day this year! She is sired by Norbert 444 Sport x Wikke 404 Sport out of the line of approved stallion Ielke 382 Sport. 

 Photo: Viebeke

 Photo: Queen

30 May 2017

A big honor! We are enterprise of the month and we are in the newspaper!

30 April 2017

Today Ulbe fan Hoptille became a Ster stallion. He is sired by Maurits 437 Sport x Lammert 260 Pref and his mother is Ster+Sport! We are very happy with this result!

28 april 2017

The indoor arena and the outdoor arena has been renewed. The outside area and the longing ring are now with ebb and flow riding surface. Picture below; almost finished. 

20 april 2017

We are very happy with our 4th foal. She is a gorgeous filly sired by Thorben 466 Sport x Onne 376 Sport. At the video below she is a couple of days old. 


4 april 2017

Today our thirth foal is born. It is a filly sired by Wimer 461 Sport x Syl. v. Brandus 345 Sport+Preferent. We are very happy with this tall and great build filly. Her name is Flirt van Zomerstaete. 

3 April 2017

Our sponsored horses are going well in the dressage rings. So well that the Phryso publiced a big part in the April version of the magazine called: "Phryso" regarding FHS Mats and his training, he is sold in the neighborhood here! 

1 April 2017

Today we went to the barok pinto Keuring with our own bred, private 3 year old stallion named: E. Valentino Rossi which is sired by a Friesian stallion and his mother is a Dutch Warmblood mare. So he is 50% Friesian. Our idea was just competing for fun but he did such a great job; that he became an approved stallion this day...! Our plan is have him for dressage competitions in the future. 

29 March 2017

We wish Laar Valk in The Netherlands a lot of pleasure with buying Dutchboy a.k.a. Titus at our place. Thank you for all your confidence in our company and the delicious photo cake we received from you today. We are sure you will make a great dressage carreer with this high talented young sports horse! 

24 March 2017

We are very happy to announce our 2nd foal is born. His name is: "Flierefluiter van Zomerstaete" and he is sired by Hessel 480 Sport x Wikke 404 Sport x Folkert 353 Sport+Pref out of our Ster mare Tyara. Flierefluiter is a full brother by Adonis who is born in 2016. 

6 March 2017

We have had again the privilege to sell two extra ordinary Friesian horses to Australia, both are sold unseen. We are honored more and more customers buy unseen and has a huge confidence in our company. We would like congratulate again Miss.Kirsten (she bought Tjibbe by Norbert 444) and Miss. Jenny (she bought Luwe by Uldrik 457). We wish you all the best and happiness! 

17 February 2017

Today we had the privilege to bring Teun and Tomke to their new owners. On behalf of Friesian Horse Stables "Frysk-Andaluz" we would like to congratulate the new owners with these magnificent horses! 

9 February 2017

Tuesday 7 February 2017 there was a television program on the Dutch television about the export of Friesian horses. We are trilled that we were invited as export stable to be in this program and tells all about our passion for Friesian horses and about our company. 

We want to thank everybody who send us emails, facebook messages and all the phone calls we received. We are very pleased that so many people have confidence in us and our horses.

For everyone who didn’t see the program; you can click on the link below and start looking from 15:40 minutes, which is all about the Friesian horse and export.

31 January 2017

At Monday 23 January in the middle of the night our first filly of this year is born. She is a very elegant mare named: "Fajah van Zomerstaete" sired by Tsjalle 454 Sport out of our full papered Ster mare Yvonne sired by Wikke 404 Sport. Below you will find a video of the total birth of Fajah. 

Birth video of Fajah - Click here

25 January 2017

The booth at the KFPS Stallion Show named Faderpaard and the open sales days were a great success! We enjoyed to meet customers from the past but also to meet future customers! We have been filmed by a cameracrew which is documention companies in The Netherlands who are doing a lot of export. This will be on the Dutch television, 7 February 2017 at Ned 2 around 21.15. Below we received a picture of one of our customers abroad; Mexico. This customers bought 4 horses at our farm and build new stables in the meanwhile. A great example of doing export and how our customers takes care of receiving the horses they bought. 

15 and 16 January 2017 we will open our doors for the sales days

On these days our FHS team is ready to help you with finding the right horse(s); now or in the future.

Do you want to meet us personally?? See our collection Friesian horses (always around 45 horses in stock). Or are you just curious? Everybody is welcome to visit our stable these days!

The open sales days are directly after the big stallion show in Leeuwarden. You can also visit our booth over there! We really like to meet you and your friends and share our passion for the Friesian breed! 

27-11-2016 First competition of FHS Messi

Today Charissa had her first competition with FHS Messi v.d. Gonda. They did a great job, scored twice a first place and 4 winning points. 

26-11-2016 Beach ride of FHS Messi and Ringo

Today it was quite cold but the weather was very nice and peaceful. We decided to go to the beach with Messi and Ringo. Ringo is only 5 weeks under saddle but he does new things like he always did before. So it was a great learning experience for him but also for our student named Ellen. We and the horses enjoyed it much. 

25-11-2016 KFPS course part 2 took place at FHS

Today we had around 10 participants who are following the kfps course part 2. It is much fun to meet these people and share the passion for the Friesian breed. Judge Wil Thijssen lead this group and learn them a lot about the desire of build, type, bones, walk and trot. Thank you everyone for taking part to this course! 

20-11-2016 3 sold horses this year made it to the half finals of the Friesian Talent Cup

We are happy and proud that 3 horses we sold this year are been selected for the half finals of the FTC, half December. We like to congratulate the owners of: Rik v.d. Erven aka F.H.S. Royal Rik (v.Wylster 463), Redbad W (v.Thorben 466) and Rintse van de Marne (v.Tsjalle 454) from the German owner. 

03-11-2016 Article in the "Horse &Hound " of one of our sponsored horses who is currently in the winning mood in the UK

01-10-2016 Pruulke became a champion of STER stallions at keuring in Hradistko, Czech Republic

We want to congratulate Marketa Jackova on another success at the keuring. 

Thank you  Charissa and Richard for finding this dream horse for me. I have bought two stallions from you so far (one from your own breeding line, and this one through you - with your professional help) and they both got STER titles and champion titles! I could not wish for more. THANK YOU.

22-09-2016 Nora Stb Ster (v. Thorben 466), Champion of the Mares and Champion of the Day at the British Columbia, Canada Keuring

We want to congratulate Diane Drouillard with having such good results at the keuring! Imagine, how many customers are buying horses from us unseen (from the internet); it is on one way a big honor for us but on the other way also a big responsibility for us, selling the right horses, to the right owner. If it goes like Nora, we are double happy!! We are having a good time overhere and watch everyone having such good successes on the keurings and dressage competitions! Below a pictures of Nora and the Dutch judges. 

2 August 2016

We sold a lot of Friesian horses this year. Below a picture of horses who just arrived in Israel.

1 August 2016

A lot of horses we sold in the past or recently scores good in the competitions. FHS Ikke (a provisional crown mare) won both M2 level dressage competitions and the 'Phryso' publicated this in the edition of August. We are very proud on both the mare and the owner of Ikke!

31 July 2016

Today our rider Nikita rode FHS Messi at the breeding day in Hilvarenbeek. This was a clinic to show the people how we train a young 4 year old stallion at a location he never has been. It was very nice to do this and we would like to thank Wendy Rijcken for the pictures she made!

9 July 2016

Last Saturday it was the breeding day of Kootwijk at the beautiful horse center from Gert van den Hoorn. The weather was perfect and there was much crowd. 3 years ago our mare Haitske fan it Vaantje made it till overall champion here, so this Keuring is always very special for us!

Our 9 year old mare “Wypkje fan Ferwalde” gave acte de présence. The judges were very pleased to see her in this good condition. They said “this horse has a gorgeous racial type, good build, excellent bones and her walk is the best of the day”! She received a first premium, invitation for the Central Mare Keuring and made it till the final rounds later in the day! We are very happy with this result. Wypkje comes out of one of the best blood / mother lines of the KFPS. Her mother is: Ster+Preferent 6* / Ster+Preferent 5* / Ster+Dubbel Preferent 9* / Ster+Preferent 5*. Wypkje is in foal by Beart 411 Stb Sport+Preferent and is only for sale for serious buyers.

25 June 2016

At the breeding day of Oosterland our own bred colt Adonis van Zomerstaete made it till reserve champion of the colts. He scored a 7.0 for his walk and an 8.0 for his trot! Below a picture of him. The mother of Adonis is for sale and in foal by the same father as Adonis: Hessel 480.

20 May 2016

All our Friesian foals are born this year, in healthy and good condition! We have the following foals in stock now.

- Cupido van Zomerstaete, Tsjalle 454 Sport x Wikke 404 Sport - Sold to Germany
- Adonis van Zomerstaete, Hessel 480 x Wikke 404 Sport
- Balou van Zomerstaete, Bartele 472 Sport x Krist 358
- Bonita van Zomerstaete, Hessel 480 x Onne 376 Sport
- Afrojack van Zomerstaete, Bartele 472 Sport x Brandus 345 Sport+Pref
- Black Beauty van Zomerstaete, Jouwe 485 x Loadewyk 431 Sport
- Aphrodite van Zomerstaete, Pier 448 Sport x Tsjerk 328 Sport+Pref
- Ayu van Zomerstaete, Hessel 480 x Harmen 424 Sport

22 March 2016

Last friday our Ster mare Tyara gave birth to a fantastic colt sired by Hessel 480. We gave him the name: “Adonis van Zomerstaete”. We are very proud and happy everything went so smooth. 

16 March 2016

Today we received a FANTASTIC present from one of our satisfied customers from Austria! She gave us a high quality halter, leadrope, blanket, saddlepad, bell boots, t-shirt and leg protectors with the name of our private horse! Thank you so much Marketa!! We are so happy that you had the convidence to buy already 2 beautiful stallions at our place! Wish you all the luck with them! We are completely overwhelmed with this big presents!

9 March 2016

Our horses are being sold around the globe. We love to meet customers from abroad since we all share the passion for the Friesian breed. In this month issue from the KFPS "Phryso" stands an article about one of our customers from Saudi Arabia. So nice to see how they love our Friesian breed overthere as well. Both mares in the picture are sold in foal. We like to thank Ra'id Bagedo for the trust in our company. 

18 February 2016

Thursday evening we have welcomed our new born colt named Cupido van Zomerstaete. Cupido is sired by the champion of the stallion keuring 2016; Tsjalle 454 Sport and comes out of our own bred Ster mare sired by Wikke 404 Sport. Cupdio has fantastic looks already and we are very happy everything went so well! 

17 and 18 January 2016 we will open our doors for the sales days

On these days our FHS team is ready to help you with finding the right horse(s); now or in the future.

Do you want to meet us personally?? See our collection Friesian horses (always around 45 horses in stock). Or are you just curious? Everybody is welcome to visit our stable these days!

The open sales days are directly after the big stallion show in Leeuwarden. You can also visit our booth over there! We really like to meet you and your friends and share our passion for the Friesian breed! 

8 October 2015 List of Pregnant mares for 2016

Yvonne x Tsjalle 454 due date 29 Februari 2016

Tyara x Hessel 480 due date 15 Maart 2016

Hinke x Hessel 480 due date 8 April 2016

Imke x Bartele 472 due date 17 April 2016

Syl x Bartele 472 uitgerekende datum 2 Mei 2016

Esther x Pier 448 due date 22 Mei 2016

Charmant x Jouwe 485 due date 26 Mei 2016

Zoe x Desperado due date 23 Juni 2016

Mona Lisa x Beart 411 due date 24 Juni 2016

Lente x Take 455 due date 11 Juli 2016

19-09-2015 KFPS Keuring in USA West Chilliwack

In 2013 and 2014 Nora received a first premium in The Netherlands. Last year we sold her to the current owner Diane in Canada. She went to the Keuring last weekend and Nora got Star, Champion of the Mares and Keuring Champion. She also won a memorial award. Nora is sired by Thorben 466 Sport x Folkert 353 Sport! Congratulations to her owners with the fantastic results! 

14 September 2015- Great pictures from Wietse Sport in South Africa

The currect owners of Wietse Sport, sired by Haitse 425 Sport made a great photoshoot of him. It's so nice to see people are so happy with the horses we sell all over the world! 

11 September 2015 - Central Mare Inspection in Drachten

The 5 year old mare FHS Ikke van M – Haitse 425 Sport x Folkert 353 Sport, became today Provisional Crown and is invited for the Championship on Saturday! FHS Ikke is sold by us at the age of 3,5 year old to the current owners Ben and Bianca in Holland. We are very satisfied with the result and have a good feeling about the coming IBOP test.

5 September 2015 - France, Villeneuve sur Lot

In 2014 we sold “Vogue d'Ambène” to France together with her mother. She became on the KFPS keuring First premium, Youth Champion and Reserve champion of the whole day! Vogue is sired by Tsjalle 454 Sport out of a Ster mother of Feitse 293 Preferent. Congratulations to her happy owners!

1 July 2015

Our filly named Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete, sired by Hessel 480 x Onne 376 Sport is today 3 months old. We are very satisfied with her developing and build plus her excellent gaits. Below a picture of her!

30 June 2015

Promotion material is arrived, we are very happy with the result! 

25 May 2015 - FHS Macho Man, Best dressage horse at the facility of ‘Manege de Trenshoeve’

Congratulations to Demi van Nispen (the owner) of this Ster stallion sired by Uldrik 457 which we sold in January 2015! She will be sponsored soon with promotional material!

9 May 2015 – FHS Ikke scores high points on the first outdoor competition for Friesian horses

Bianca Volkers writes:
Today we had our first selection for the outdoor championship for Friesian horses with our Ster mare FHS Ikke.
We scored two first places with 210 / 205 points.
We bought this mare by Charissa and Richard at Friesian Horse Stables, while we were looking for an extra ordinary stallion. But since this mare shows so much quality for dressage we decided to buy her instead of a stallion.

We, from Friesian Horse Stables has so much confidence in this combination that our name initials 'FHS' are in Ikke’s competition name!

Parys Horse and Wine 2015 Results in South Africa:

Jillis Fan Keatlingwier, Ster stallion sold in 2014 to South Africa:

* Champion Jnr Star Stallion 2015
* Champion Jnr Stallion Under Saddle 2015
* 1st Star Stallions 3-5yrs Under Saddle
* 1st Prelim 3 Dressage
* 2nd Prelim 4 Dressage
* 2nd highest Dressage Score for the day

20 April 2015

** A picture says more than thousand words! **

Sometimes people ask: "what makes your job so beautiful"

Congratulations Birgit from Germany with buying our 3 year old stallion named Michael, sired by Jasper 366 Sport+Pref!! A shy horse, but with you, it's like MAGIC! The perfect combination between a person and a horse!!

1 April 2015 

We are happy to announce that on this day our filly is born out of the combination of Hessel 480 x Onne 376 Sport. Her name is Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete and we are very happy to have such a gorgeous filly at our barn. 

15 February 2015

A video of the birth of Ziezo van Zomerstaete (Hessel 480 x Wikke 404)

13 February 2015

We are happy to announce that on this day our first colt is born. His name is: "Ziezo van Zomerstaete"! A healthy, good looking colt sired by Hessel 480 (Reserve Champion at the stallion Keuring 2015) x Wikke 404 Sport out of a full papered mother line. Both mother and son are doing well.

8, 9 and 10th of January 2015 – KFPS Stallion show at WTC Expo in Leeuwarden

Our booth was a big success! We met several customers who bought years ago a horse over internet (unseen). With having a booth they all came to tell their stories and it’s wonderful to see how happy these customers are with the sold horses!

But we also met a lot of people who are interested in buying a Friesian horse in the future.

Also our open days at Sunday 11th and Monday 12th were a big success. We have had many visitors and buyers as well.

We are very positive for the coming year since the Friesian horses in general are so popular.

We hope to see you back next year at our booth and in the meanwhile you are welcome to visit us and share our passion with Friesian horses!

15 December 2014: New Luxury stables are ready to get used by our horses for sale

7 December 2014: F.H.S. Leonie Zaitse selected for the big finals in the EFC Cup

Today our 3 year old 2nd premium Ster mare Leonie Zaitse, sired by Uldrik 457 x Haitse 425 Sport has been selected for the finals who will be held in Marienheem at December 20! We are proud at our rider Iris van Veen and the mare F.H.S Leonie Zaitse. The Euro Friesian Cup is a competition for 3 year old Friesian horses for dressage potential.

11 October 2014: Our 3-year old mare Jifke received the First Premium Ster predicate in Ermelo, The Netherlands

Jifke is a gorgeous, full papered mare sired by Andries 415 Sport x Sjaard 320 x Oepke 266. She comes out of a full papered mother line and we bought her as a foal!

Receiving the First Premium Ster predicate is always something special and is very rare as well! 
We are very thankful for everybody’s help and we want to thank also Gebr. Van Manen for their professional work of presenting our horses to the judges each year!

We think Jifke has a wonderful future ahead with hopefully receiving the Crown predicate next year! 

17-08-2014 Our own bred stallion named Hero van Zomerstaete became Ster and Champion at the Keuring in Slovakia!

Today our own bred stallion named Hero van Zomerstaete became Ster and Champion at the Keuring in Trencin, Slovakia! We are very proud of his achievements and wish the owner of him much pleasure and happiness for the future! 2 years ago his half-brother became Champion colt in Vrouwenpolder, The Netherlands! 

 04-08-2014 Our 2 year old mare named Nora received a First Premium on the Keuring in Hilvarenbeek!

Our 2 year old mare named Nora sired by Thorben 466 x Folkert 353 did it again! After she received last year as a yearling a First premium she received as a 2 year old also a First premium in Hilvarenbeek 2014! She was also invited for the Champion Keuring and later on this year for the Central mare Keuring!!


12 Juli 2014: Our mare Leonie Zaitse became Ster with a 2nd premium at the Keuring in Kootwijk, The Netherlands!

Today on the Keuring in Kootwijk our mare named Leonie Zaitse out of the combination of Uldrik 457 x Haitse 425 Sport became Ster with a 2nd premium! She scored very high points on her linear score, Very close to the First premium Ster predicate: Racial type: 7,5 / Build 8.0 / Bones 7.0 / Walk 7.5 / Trot 6.5

Her mother became one month ago Breeding day champion in Vrouwenpolder and we expect a lot of Leonie for the future! This is a promising full papered stermare of 1.64 m tall! We will come back next year for hopefully the First premium ster predicate with this excellent ster mare!

13-07-2013 Fokdag Kootwijk 2013: Haitske kwam, zag en overwon!!

 Ter ere van het 40-jarig bestaan van de Fokvereniging Het Friesche Paard Midden Nederland, de oudste Fokvereniging buiten Friesland, werden alle 1e premie merries uitgenodigd voor de Kampioensring. Het aantal merries dat uitgenodigd werd voor de kampioensring viel uiteindelijk mee omdat er slechts één driejarige merrie het oranje lint kreeg uitgereikt. Maar dit was dan ook niet de minste: Haitske fan het Vaantje (Haitse 425 Sport) liet een grote klasse zien, niet alleen met haar prachtige rastype maar vooral met haar sublieme beweging. Haitske draafde met veel veer en schwung door de baan. Richard Flier en Charissa Verheij van Friesian Horse Stables in Barendrecht, voorheen Frysk Andaluz, kochten afgelopen winter uit medelijden drie zwaar verwaarloosde Friese merries die al langs verschillende handelsstallen waren gegaan. Eén daarvan was Haitske. De afgelopen maanden heeft Haitske in het land gelopen en heeft de kans gekregen om weer op krachten te komen. Training en het keuringsklaar maken door de Gebroeders Van Manen maakten het plaatje compleet. Flier en Verheij hadden totaal niet op een 1e premie gerekend: 'We dachten eigenlijk dat ze nog wat te arm bespierd was. Het was een gok om deze merries te kopen, maar dit heeft heel goed uitgepakt.'

In het kampioenschap van de drie jaar en oudere merries kwam de concurrentie voor Haitske van de vier tot en met zesjarige stermerries en de Kroonmerries. De sterkste concurrente bleek de zevenjarige Tini van Stal Van der Horst Kroon (Arjen 417 Sport) van mw. H. van den Bor-v.d. Bunt. Jurylid Louise Hompe omschreef de rassige Tini als 'een kast van een merrie.' Haitske charmeerde de jury met haar jeugdige uitstraling en werd kampioen; Tini mocht zich opstellen als reserve-kampioen van de drie jaar en oudere merries.


In de kampioensring om het algeheel dagkampioenschap was de puf er een beetje uit bij de jonge Juwiel. Haitske bleef constant en overtuigend goed draven, waardoor de keus van de jury op de driejarige viel.

Haitske fan het Vaantje, kampioene tijdens de jubileumkeuring in Kootwijk (foto Ellen Franke)

Kampioen drie jaar en oudere merries en Algeheel dagkampioen

Haitske fan het Vaantje (Haitse 425 Sport x Teunis 332P Sport) fokker: F. Kool (Rotterdam) eigenaar: Zomerstaete B.V., familie Flier (Barendrecht)

Tekst: Ageeth van der Lee
Bron: KFPS


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