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Sie finden unser Züchterei in das grüne Landschaft der Hoeksche Waard, nur kurz unter Rotterdam.
Hier arbeiten wir mit ein begeisterten Team und mit viel Liebe an das züchten und trainieren von Friesischen Pferden. Wir haben also Pura Raza Española (PRE) Pferden zum verkauf.

Kraft und Robust einerseits, Eleganz und Geschmeidigkeit anderseits. Unsere Pferden zeichnen sich aus durch Zuverlässigkeit und Schönheit und sind in hohe Maße geeignet als Reitpferd und Fahrpferd.
Aber auch Sie möchten wir teilnehmen lassen in das besondere ereignis des bezitses einen Friezen und deshalb stehen wir Ihnen immer zur Verfügung! Friezen zum Verkauf, click here.


Gerard - Menne 496 Sport x Doaitsen 420 Sport - Future sports horse - Tall and strong moving Ster stallion!!

This spectacular Star stallion has everything you want! A strong build, very good movements and a very nice and affectionate character. Gerard has not been under saddle for long but he shows a lot of talent as a sport horse. He has a big walk, a powerful trot and a very good canter. We think he will stand out in the competition ring. With Menne 496 as his sire and Doaitsen 420 as his dam's sire, sport is anchored in his genes. Gerard is good on x-rays and priced in the higher price range. Weiterlesen

Gerke is sold to a good place Holland - Congratulations with this black beauty!!

This stallion is an eye catcher! With his beautiful head, nicely shaped neck and strong build he is a striking appearance. Gerke is a stallion with good movements and he has a super nice character! Gerke is playful, affectionate and easy going, a rare combination! Gerke has been well ridden and takes his work very easy. For a young horse he shows a lot of balance and he is very eager to learn. Gerke is already easy to ride, he has a soft mouth and a comfortable seat. He participated in the ABFP test with good points both under saddle and carriage. Personally we think he could have scored much higher, but he is still a bit too young. He already has a height of 1.66m and is far from being grown out. His beautiful conformation and muscling make him look like a grown-up horse, but he is actually still just a puppy. You have to protect a horse like Gerke from himself. He is so eager and gives such a good feeling that you soon start working with him too much. Gerke has a non spooky and easy character, so we see him doing nice hacking out rides in the near future, but he also has talent. We would certainly like to see him back in the competition ring! Gerke is good on x-rays. Weiterlesen

Poderoso is sold to Liesbeth in Belgium - Congratulations with this fantastic P.R.E. stallion!!

Poderoso is having a lovely personality, even a child can sit on his back. He is well ridden and an ideal horse for future sports and recreational use. With CARTA and PRE papers. He is recently clinical sound and good on x-rays. Weiterlesen

Elise - Thorben 466 Sport-Elite x Sjerp 446 Sport AA x Olof 315 Sport+Pref - Excellent moving Ster mare!!

This pretty Ster mare is an incredible mover! She moves with a strong use of her backlegs and she has a fantastic use of her frontlegs. Elise has a good conformation and she has a very sweet personality. Elise is well ridden for her age and she loves to work, she is eager to learn and like to please her rider. Elise is an awake mare, a typical Ster mare, and this makes her not suitable for inexperienced riders. For someone who like forward going horses and wants to use her as a sport horse she is really suitable and fantastic to ride. Elise gives a good feeling under saddle and responds very well on your helps, this all makes her a very nice sports mare but with an experienced rider she will love to make a trip to the forest or beach as well in the (near) future because she is not a crazy horse but awake and needs someone who can handle her sports ambitions. Elise is also very interesting to breed, she is a well developed Ster mare out of good bloodlines. Weiterlesen
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„Danke dass ihr ihn mir gezeigt habt und auch sofort gemeint habt „das ist der richtige Friese für dich“. Ihr hattet mit eurer Einschätzung zu 100% Recht.“ Read more

Monika, Graz, Austria