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Reaction about the horse Wietse

Hi Charissa & Richard,
When I saw the advertisement of Wietse on Facebook posted by Friesian Horse Stables Frysk Andaluz in Oct 2013, it was love at 1st sight!
I have been looking for a young stallion with the classic Friesian good looks, size, temperament and Sport aptitude and there he was! The only problem was that I am in South Africa and Wietse was thousands of kilometers away.
There was no time for me to fly to the Netherlands to go and look at him. So many people were interested in him that I had to make a decision based only on the photos, videos and descriptions provided by Richard & Charissa.
As I’m sure everyone can imagine, it is quite daunting to buy a horse from Facebook!!
Richard and Charissa were so patient, friendly and helpful. They gave me the assurance and assistance I needed to make such a big decision in a very short time. By mid-November 2013, everything was finalized & Wietse was mine!
Again, Charissa & Richard assisted me with licenses with his previous owners so that we could sort out the requirements for quarantine and to prepare Wietse for his long journey to his new home in Africa.
Wietse arrived safely in South Africa by mid January 2014 and I will never forget the 1st time I saw my beautiful new stallion in real life. He was even more beautiful than I could ever have imagined.
The month in quarantine here in South Africa went by very slowly but fortunately without any problems for Wietse.
He was released from quarantine on 14 Feb 2014 on Valentine’s Day and what a perfect Valentine’s gift he was!
We have now been together for almost 6 months and we love each more every day.
Wietse is the perfect horse for me and there are still days that I can barely believe my luck that I saw that post of him on Facebook…. Destiny brought us together.

Many Thanks to Richard and Charissa for all their help & support!
I can definitely recommend them to anyone looking for their dream Friesian!

Greetings from South Africa

Esmé & Wietse

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