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What started as a hobby has developed to one of the biggest selling stables in Holland.

Since we were children we have always loved the Friesian breed and after years of learning and watching Friesian Horses we decided to buy 2 beautiful friesian colts with good bloodlines.
We enjoyed to take care of this two friesians and we loved to see them growing up so much that we decided to buy 2 full-papered filly’s the next year too. And with these 4 horses our passion started!

After a few years the Friesian Horse Stables in Mijnsheerenland went for sale. A beautiful new accommodation where the pre-owners sold and bred Friesian and Andalusian horses. For us a big chance to make our dream come true!

In 2005 we bought the company Friesian Horse Stables “Frysk-Andaluz” and we directly bought some nice breeding mares.
The idea of Friesian Horse Stables was breeding high quality Friesian horses, but after a while we had to sell some of them. In the beginning it was very hard to sell our lovely horses but after a while we started to like it.

We like it in our way: Making horse and owner happy. And happiness starts with finding the right match! We have used this way of working for a long time now, and this has made a lot of satisfied customers and happy horses!

Now, years later we have a beautiful accommodation and we sell horses all around the world!


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Friese Pferden und P.R.E. Pferden zum verkauf

Friesian Horse Stables

  • Quality "We have managed to separate the wheat from the chaff"
  • Service: extra training, castration, to help the customer to transport the horses all over the world
  • Trustworthy and an Honest advice to our customers
  • Most of our horses has been clinical and/or good on x-rays for sport

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„Danke dass ihr ihn mir gezeigt habt und auch sofort gemeint habt „das ist der richtige Friese für dich“. Ihr hattet mit eurer Einschätzung zu 100% Recht.“ Read more