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Reaction about the horse Tjibbe

Recently I purchased a young 3 year old Friesian stallion, Tjibbe B, from Charissa & Richard of Frysk Andaluz in the Nederland’s. Being my first time purchasing a stallion to import to Australia I had many many questions about the process and the horses they had to offer. Charissa & Richard were very professional and helpful with answering my questions and picking the right stallion that ticked all the boxes for both high quality breeding and international level dressage.

Since arriving home, Tjibbe has been exactly as he was described by Charissa & Richard. He has been so easy to do anything with and everyone who meets him instantly falls in love. I’ve even already received interest from Friesian mare owners who would like to breed to him!

I would highly recommend Charissa & Richard of Frysk Andaluz.

Kirsten Mann – Onyx Park Friesian Horses
May 7th 2017 

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