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Reaction about the horse Reier

Hi Charissa

I just wanted to write a testimonial now that we’ve had Reier van Marije, aka Rossi, for just over four weeks. As you know, we had a little blip with him which was through absolutely no fault of his, purely our naivety with a young horse.

We have now taken Rossi back to basics with the help of two wonderful friends from our yard and we can not express how happy we are with him. He has come on amazingly, and in fact one of the girls helping us has totally fallen in love with him, and said whoever backed him and had him before, has done a great job, and that we would’ve been mad not to buy him. He has been an absolute diamond, he has had everything done, including his teeth, a new saddle fitted and shoes, and did not at any time put a hoof wrong, bearing in mind he has literally only just turned 4 years.

We can not thank you enough for the help and advice you gave us with Rossi and answering my constant messages!

If I hear of anyone who wishes to buy a Friesian from Holland, I will most certainly highly recommend you and Richard.

I will keep you posted of Rossi’s progress and again, a massive thank you.


Steph and Colin

19th March 2017

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