Moneymaker van Zomerstaete declared Ster


The site inspection at Stal Mellema on Saturday 11 May resulted in two mares and one gelding being awarded the Star predicate with a second premium. One four-year-old foalbook mare became Provisional Star.

In the geldings, Moneymaker van Zomerstaete Ster (Fonger 478 x Onne 376) became Star with a second premium. The long-lined Moneymaker, bred by Zomerstaete B.V. in Mijnsheerenland and owned by Evelyn Boerrigter, has a sufficient body direction and expressive head, could be a bit more muscled in the topline and has a positive position and length of croup. His legwork is of good quality with generous hooves. His walk is roomy with good pace, in trot he has sufficient posture and scope, with a sufficiently powerful hind leg that could be under-strung a little more.

This is already the 6th offspring of our, now deceased, broodmare the Vb+Preferente+Performance mare Hinke van de Broekstraat. She has bred excellently and we still enjoy her offspring and see many qualities in her grandchildren. We would once again like to congratulate Evelyn on Moneymaker’s achievement of the Ster predicate!



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