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Buying a horse is emotion from both sides.
When you decide to buy a horse it is very exciting and difficult. Which horse is the right choice and which horse suits me?

To build a good relationship with your horse it is important that you take a look at what you want to do with the horse and if he matches your wishes. Because our years of experience with finding good matches we can advise you what kind of horse you need and help you with finding the right match.

We will also give you some opportunities when you buy a horse from us:

1: We can make the horse saddle broke or train the horse on a certain level. This will cost 1000,- Euro per month.
2: We can castrate the stallion (make him a gelding). This happens on our risk and the gelding will stay on our costs until he is fully recovered (+- 2 weeks). Castration cost 350,- Euro (all included).
Once a stallion needs to be castrated on the table (testicles are too big, one is bigger than the other etc) in the veterinarian clinic it costs 675,- Euro. Plus there will be made an insurance for this operation, which is 2%, of the purchase price. These costs are also for the buyer. For example; purchase price is 12.500,- Euro, 2% for the insurance is: 250,- Euro +10,- Euro policy costs + 54,60 Euro insurance costs = total of: 314,60 Euro
3: We can bred your mare with a stallion of your choice. For more information and actual prices you will have to contact us.

We sell Friesian horses all over the world!

We have a lot of experience with selling horses all over the world. We can help you with the transport to your country.
And we can tell you more about transport costs; we can take blood tests and provide all the documents you need.



With years of experience we have managed to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Extra training, castration, and other necessities to help the customer to transport the horses all over the world.


Trustworthy & an Honest advice to building a long-term relationship.


Most of our horses has been clinical and/or good on x-rays approved for sport.