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Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete First premium Champion Ster mare

6 August 2018 Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete became Overall Champion of the breeding day in Hilvarenbeek Het Friesche Paard Zuid-Nederland

She deserves her special name: Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete is a wonderful mare to look at. She has very impressive movements and even the hot weather can't stop her. All these details made it easy for the judges to make her Champion of all day with a First premium Ster predicate. Zilverschoon became first Champion of the 3 year old mares, then Champion of the 3 year old and older Ster / Crown mares and after all the day Champion 2018!

The 3 year old Zilverschoon is a daughter by Hessel 480 and is bred by Family Flier of Zomerstaete B.V. She comes out of a Vb+Preferent mother by Onne 376 Sport. 'A royal developed mare with lots of expression, she has uphill movements with a strong use of her hindlegs. 'This mare comes close to the breeding goal' were the gentle words of the chairwomen Sabien Zwaga. (source KFPS).

The mother of Zilverschoon is Hinke van de Broekstraat Vb+Preferent, bred by family Blommers den Otter in Gemonde sired by Onne 376 Sport x Feitse 293 Preferent. She comes out of a Model+Preferent mother and a Ster+Preferent grandmother.

 Photo: Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete and Charissa and Richard Flier (proud breeders and owners)

 Photo: Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete

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