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Hinke van de Broekstraat Vb+Preferent

Every breeder is looking for that one special mare and especially an excellent broodmare out of a great mother line with lots of Preferent in it. The more preferent in the mother line, the higher the success of building up a good breeding line. Therefor we bought Hinke van de Broekstraat as a foal, 3 days old (17 years ago) out of a Model+Preferent mother. She received a first premium as a foal but due an accident as a yearling she couldn’t become Ster. But since we believed in her as a breeding mare, we decided to continue with her and bred her with several stallions.

This resulted in foalbook+Preferent. Preferent on the first 5 offspring who went to the Keuring as an adult. We have at this moment November 2019, 5 daughters from her in different ages at our farm and in 2020 we will expect 4 more foals due embryo flushing. These foals will be sired by 2x Menne 496, 1x Fonger 478, 1x Jehannes 484.

Unfortunately we had to put Hinke down at 30 September 2019, which was very emotional and difficult for us. She was the start of our breeding adventure and meant a lot for us. She will never be forgottten. Luckily enough we can enjoy every single day from all her offspring and we hope that they will be also great breeding and sports mares for the future and become also one day Preferent.

Hinke van de Broekstraat is sired by Onne 376 Sport x Feitse 293 Preferent x Douwe 249 (rare stallion to have him in the blood lines now a day). The mother line of our horses below is: Foalbook+Preferent / Model+Preferent / Ster+Preferent / Ster / Model 3* etc. Stamline 008. Below an overview of the offspring of Hinke van de Broekstraat and their results:

Hero van Zomerstaete sired by Olrik 383 Sport: Ster stallion and Champion of the day of Czech Republic and Slowakia in 2014

Mon Chou van Zomerstaete sired by Pier 448 Sport: First premium and Champion colt in Vrouwenpolder in 2012

Victoria van Zomerstaete sired by Norbert 444 Sport+Preferent: First premium Ster, reserve Champion of the 4 year and older Ster and Crown mares at the breeding day of Twente / Achterhoek in 2019

Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete sired by Hessel 480 Sport: First premium Ster and Champion of the day in Hilvarenbeek 2018

Bonita van Zomerstaete sired by Hessel 480 Sport: 2nd premium Ster at the breeding day in Hilvarenbeek 2019

Doutzen van Zomerstaete sired by Thorben 466 Sport-Elite: 2nd premium as a 2 year old

Je suis Jolie van Zomerstaete sired by Menne 496: First premium and reserve champion of the fillies at the breeding day of Oosterland 2019


 Photo: Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete with Charissa and Richard Flier (proud breeders and owners) Breeding day Champion 2018 Hilvarenbeek

 Photo: Mon Chou van Zomerstaete 1e premie and Champion colt te Oosterland 2012 with Richard Flier

 Photo: Victoria van Zomerstaete First place in her group and Provisional Crown in 2019 - She was also reserve Champion 4 yr eo Breeding day Twente-Achterhoek 2019

 Photo: Hero van Zomerstaete Ster stallion and breeding day Champion in Czech Republic and Slowakia in 2014

 Photo: Je suis Jolie van Zomerstaete with her Dutch Warmblood mother (flushed embryo) 1e premie and reserve champion fillies 2019 

 Photo: Hinke van de Broekstraat Vb+Preferent

 Photo: Victoria van Zomerstaete as a 3 year old mare riding with our rider Iris van Veen-Ommeren

 Photo: Doutzen van Zomerstaete just a couple of days old sired by Thorben 466 Sport-Elite

 Photo: Zilverschoon van Zomerstaete 3 days old

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