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Friesian stallionshow 2017

In a completely sold-out venue the just recently approved Jurre 495 (Maurits 437) was elected Champion of the Stallion Inspection, with the Reserve Title going to Nane 492 (Wimer 461). With great enthusiasm the audience cheered their favourite to his title.
The as ever spine-tingling Champion Inspection got underway with the race for the title of the older stallions. There were eight of them, all approved on offspring, who were presented to the jury. After one round in walk four were asked to leave the ring. The unlucky ones were Maurits 437, Tsjalle 454, Tymon 456 and Wimer 461. The thousands of spectators rooted for the remaining four Jasper 366, Beart 411, Mewes 438 and Alwin 469 when they did their rounds in trot. If the audience had been given their say the grand prize would have gone to 22-year-old Jasper 366. Head of Jury Bauke de Boer: ‘Jasper 366 presented himself in a super way, but the years are starting to show which was visible in the use of his hind leg. Beart 411 performed better in the long lines than in-hand. With his wonderful, youthful appearance and strong movement Mewes 438 definitely deserved the Champion Title and with his mighty trot Alwin 469 impressed the jury and won himself the Reserve Title.’

 Photo: Beart 411

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