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You will find our stables in the green countryside of the Hoeksche Waard in the Netherlands, just below Rotterdam.
With an enthusiastic team of people and lots of passion for our horses we breed and train the beautiful Friesian horse. We also offer you high quality Pura Raza Española (PRE) horses for sale.
We love the powerful Friesian horse for his magnificent character and temperament coupled with beauty and elegance! Our horses are the top in trustworthiness and are perfectly suitable as riding horse as well as for carriage use...
But, since we want you to share in the extraordinary horse experience of owning a Friesian horse we will assist in any way we can! For horses available visit the item "Friesians for sale" . Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for more information about our horses.


Hemingway - Markus 491 Sport x Eibert 419 Sport - Fantastic looking and great moving STER gelding out of a Model+Sport+Pref mare!!

Are you looking for a luxurious eye-catcher? A star gelding with lots of expression, long manes, a beautiful head and strong movements? Hemingway is such a horse that many people will look at with envy. A horse like that, which makes other people at competitions think: I don't have to compete against that beautiful horse, do I?  Hemingway is well ridden and easy to ride. He is nice to the leg, always does his best and learns very quickly. A horse that you can mount and ride and that you can enter the competition ring with quickly. Hemingway has a big walk, a carried trot and a good uphill canter. Hemingway has a good character under saddle and is not easily impressed by new things so he will also be suitable for a nice forest or beach ride. Read more

Aukje - Beart 411 Sport+Preferent x Folkert 353 Sport+Preferent - Ster mare - in foal by Foeke 520 AAA for 2022!!

This star mare is not only beautiful to look at, she also has a super nice character! Aukje is a mare that is easy to handle and easy to ride. She is well ridden under saddle and gives a trustful feeling. Aukje is not shy or spooky and has a soft mouth. Because of her good way of moving and the right attitude she will be a nice sport horse that can also go for an outdoor ride. Last year she had a beautiful colt by the stallion Tymen 503 and he received a 2nd premium on the Keuring. At the moment she is in foal to the beautiful approved stallion Foeke 520 AAA for 2022, this foal will have a very low inbreeding percentage of 0.39%. She is been checked on x-rays which was all fine. Read more

Bizarro - Misterioso XII x Barbo II - Gorgeous baroque PRE stallion - Well ridden and safe in traffic!!

Looking for a lazy chair? A horse that sits great, is easy to ride and has a super character? Bizarro is an outstanding stallion with a lot of size that is super suitable for people with a back problem or for someone who just loves a horse that doesn't throw up at all. Bizarro is well ridden and easy to ride by different riders. He gives a confident feeling, has a soft mouth, is good on the aids and learns easily. Bizarro has been ridden at L/M level and does yielding, shoulder in, backwards and walk to canter. Bizarro is also traffic proof and will certainly be a good recreation horse.He has been recently checked on x-rays which was all good. Read more

Cavdal - Ideal horse for recreational use!! The most cutest face!!

One of our favorites at the moment! This beautiful gelding is with his sweet eye, thick neck and super movements an eye-catcher for the not too big rider. Cavdal is not only super nice to see, he also has a super sweet and affectionate character. He is certainly not dominant and the more attention he gets the more he likes it, he literally gets in your pocket. Cavdal is well ridden but for his age still a little green, he is very reliable and if he finds something exciting he stands still rather than run away. Cavdal sits easily, is quiet in character but not slow and has a soft mouth. We think that because of his conformation, character and movements there is a lot to learn with him and we see him doing a good dressage test. But because of his nice personality he will also be suitable as a family horse and for nice rides in the woods and on the beach!  We can mention many more positive things about this beautiful horse but you really should meet him in real life! He is recently sound on x-rays and he comes with a passport only. Read more
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„Wietse is the perfect horse for me and there are still days that I can barely believe my luck that I saw that post of him on Facebook…. Destiny brought us together.“ Read more

Esme Venter, South Africa