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Friesians for sale, Friesian horses for sale, Friesian horse breeder - Rotterdam


You will find our stables in the green countryside of the Hoeksche Waard in the Netherlands, just below Rotterdam.
With an enthusiastic team of people and lots of passion for our horses we breed and train the beautiful Friesian horse.
We love the powerful Friesian horse for his magnificent character and temperament coupled with beauty and elegance! Our horses are the top in trustworthiness and are perfectly suitable as riding horse as well as for carriage use...
But, since we want you to share in the extraordinary horse experience of owning a Friesian horse we will assist in any way we can! For horses available visit the item "Friesians for sale" . Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for more information about our horses.


Glamour - Beart 411 Sport+Pref x Sjaard 320 - Ster+Sport gelding with lots of expression and talent!

Glamour is a perfect schoolmaster of a prospect for the higher levels of dressage. Glamour is sired by Beart 411 x Sjaard 320 and is Z2+4 winning points. Glamour is an easy horse who knows already the beginning of passage and piaffe, he does the flying change, shoulder in, travers, sidewards, backwards, and all other excersizes. He is comfortable to ride and gives a fantastic feeling under saddle. Read more

Waling - Hessel 480 Sport x Lutger 436 Sport - 3rd Round Ster stallion with 77 points in the ABFP Test!

Waling is an impressive build and great moving 3rd Round Ster stallion! He scored for riding and driving twice 77 points in the ABFP Test and has clean x-rays and is good on semen. He has a non spooky character and he is easy to work with! Waling is sired by Hessel 480 Sport x Lutger 436 Sport x Ulke 338 Sport x Leffert 306 Sport+Preferent x Naen 264 Preferent and he has full papers: First premium Ster, two young brothers received both a first premium as a foal / Ster / Model+Preferent 6* / Stb+Preferent / Model / Model+Preferent 5*. This Ster stallion is in the higher price range. Read more

Xilia - Jasper 366 Sport-Elite+Pref x Loadewyk 431 Sport-Elite - Great looking mare out of an excellent mother line!

Xilia is a very pretty looking and great moving mare sired by the one and only Jasper 366 Sport-Elite+Preferent x Loadewyk 431 Sport-Elite x Teunis 332 Sport+Preferent. She comes out of a great mother line: 1.70 m tall Ster mare / Model+Sport+Pref+Prestm 6* / Stb 2* / First premium Ster 2* / Model+Preferent 5*. Xilia is recent sound on x-rays which was all fine. She is an interesting mare for breeding, shows and riding. Read more
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„Wietse is the perfect horse for me and there are still days that I can barely believe my luck that I saw that post of him on Facebook…. Destiny brought us together.“ Read more

Esme Venter, South Africa