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You will find our stables in the green countryside of the Hoeksche Waard in the Netherlands, just below Rotterdam.
With an enthusiastic team of people and lots of passion for our horses we breed and train the beautiful Friesian horse.
We love the powerful Friesian horse for his magnificent character and temperament coupled with beauty and elegance! Our horses are the top in trustworthiness and are perfectly suitable as riding horse as well as for carriage use...
But, since we want you to share in the extraordinary horse experience of owning a Friesian horse we will assist in any way we can! For horses available visit the item "Friesians for sale" . Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for more information about our horses.


Unique - Aarnold 471 Sport x Norbert 444 Sport+Pref x Beart 411 Sport+Pref - Full papered Ster mare - Out of Prov. Crown mare - Bred by Tiede 501!!

Unique van de Gonda received a first premium as a foal and became Ster at 3 year old. She comes out of a Fantastic mother line: Prov. Crown mother+2* - 1 stallion is selected for the CO 2020 / Ster+Pref 5* / Ster+Double Preferent 10* / Ster+Pref 4* / Ster+Pref / Ster+3* / Ster+Pref / Model+Pref / Ster+Preferent - Stam line 13. Unique is sired by Aarnold 471 Sport x Norbert 444 Sport+Preferent x Beart 411 Sport+Preferent. In 2019 she has had a filly sired by Epke 474 and she received a 2nd premium. Unique is bred to Tiede 501, the coming foal will have an inbreeding of 2.54% and high breeding value: Racial type: 105, Build: 109, Bones: 107, Walk: 102, Trot: 104, Canter: 101. Unique is recently been checked on x-rays which was all okay. Read more

Detsje Minke - Norbert 444 Sport+Pref x Wierd 409 Sport x Oege 267 Pref - Full papered Ster mare, bred by the interesting approved stallion Wibout 511!! Related too the approved stallion Rommert 498!!

Detsje Minke is a very nice looking full papered Ster mare. She is sired by Norbert 444 Sport+Pref x Wierd 409 Sport x Oege 267 Pref x Naen 264 Pref. Detsje has very long manes and great movements as well. Her motherline is as following: First premium Ster+3* - high chance to become Preferent in time / Ster+2* Grand mother of the approved stallion Rommert 498!! / Ster+Preferent / Ster - Mother of Lute 304 / Ster+Preferent 7* - Mother of Teake 273 / Model+Preferent. Mare line 70. Detsje has had a couple of foals and she is now been bred by the young interesting bred approved stallion Wibout 511! The inbreeding of the coming foal will be only 0.78% and an affinity percentage of 17.3%. The breeding value are as following: Racial type 103, Build 104, Bones 104, Walk 103, Trot 103, Canter 102. Detsje Minke is recently sound on x-rays which was good. Read more

Watch Me - Beart 411 Sport+Preferent x Rindert 406 Sport - Had been in the approval test - Future Dressage Champion!! STER Stallion!!

A Ster stallion who will pop-out eyes! Watch me is an impressive ster stallion who has been to the approval test last year. He has everything you want in a dressage horse, but we think he will be good for driving and show as well. Watch me is tall, has a superb build and amazing movements. Watch me has a good walk, a breath taking trot and a lovely uphill canter. He is that kind of horse who will envy a lot of people. Watch me is very well ridden and gives a “wow-feeling”! This special Ster stallion is in the higher price range. Read more

Wybren - Hessel 480 Sport x Rindert 406 Sport - Ster stallion - L1 level dressage with 5 winning points - Amazing Personality!!

Wybren is a Ster stallion with talent for sport. He is a stallion with an amazing not spooky and easy character. Wybren is well ridden and did 2 competition on L1 level and made 5 winning points already. Because of his uncomplicated character, strong movements and trainings level you can take him directly on competition or to the forest. Wybren has a very good conformation, and powerful movements. He moves with elasticity and balance. Wybren is really good to ride under saddle, he is safe comfortable and he has the ability to please his rider. Also, Wybren likes to ride bareback, he enjoys this and he is absolutely safe! Wybren is a multi functional horse! Are you looking for a good sport horse? Wybren can do this! Read more
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„Wietse is the perfect horse for me and there are still days that I can barely believe my luck that I saw that post of him on Facebook…. Destiny brought us together.“ Read more

Esme Venter, South Africa