Nalle fan Thijs is Verkocht naar Belgie - Van Harte Gefeliciteerd met deze Reserve Kampioen!
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Sex : stallion
Color: Black, without any marks
Born: 13-02-2012
Height: Goed ontwikkeld gezien zijn leeftijd, developing well
Training: Halter and been in the trailer

We are very proud to have for sale this FIRST Premium Reserve Champion colt named Nalle fan Thijs. The breeder of Nalle is a 13 year old boy and his name is Thijs, so now his name is explained. Nalle has terrific uphill movements and a gorgeous sports conformation! His father is one of the best stallions the KFPS has: Beart 411 Sport. At motherside we see the approved stallion who is very famous because he won everything in carriage which is Ulke 338 Sport x Dirk 298 Sport x Oege 267 Preferent!! The mother of Nalle has produced already two Ster off spring and can be Preferent in the future. His grandmother needs 1 more to become Stb +Preferent. Two young daughters of her have to go to the Keuring in the future, so there is a high chance Nalle will have full papers than! Than follows the mother of Brandus 345 Sport, one of the most beautiful approved stallions who is still alive!! Nalle comes from Stam line 50, the best stam line from the whole KFPS! Nalle has a low inbreeding of 2.15% and an affinity percentage of 17.6%. Nalle is been weaned at the age of almost 5 months and ready to be transported to his new owner. Are you looking for a future breeding / sports stallion out of a great father and mother line with a First Premium…Here he is!! Specially selected by FHS!!