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General Information
There are many things involved in purchasing a horse, and therefore you might have many questions. We will gladly answer them all!
Below you will find several topics of interest when buying a horse from us. We can also send you more specific information as per your needs and requirements. Do not hesitate to use it… as we are here to assist you in any way we can!


On the pages of out horses you will find several recordings of our horses. That will give you a good image of the horses movement and confirmation.
If one of our horses caught your eye, you might want a more extended video-clip ofthat specific horse. At request we can video-tape certain things you might want to see. (for instance the behaviour while grooming, saddleetc.)


After deciding to buy a horse you will receive an invoice with any specific conditions.

We request our customers a minimum of 25% deposit of the purchase price, through a wire transfer. Deposits are refundable only if the horse by any chance fail the Dutch veterinarian examination.
If a stallion have to be castrated at our farm, we ask 50% deposit, because we can do this only once (castrating a stallion).


Dutch Veterinarian Examination
Although our horses are mostly being seen by a veterinarian as we buy them, we always have our horses clinically excamined after a sale and before transport. A positive result of the clinical examination is at costs of the buyer, a negative result will be paid by Friesian Horse Stables. It is the customers decision to do an examination with x-rays. The examination will be carried out in the Netherlands by a certified Dutch veterinarian. The costs of the x-ray examination are covered by the customer and will be added on top of the 25% deposit. If the horse has a positive sales advice by the Dutch veterinarian the sales contract is binding.
Please contact us for specifics.

Export Requirements
Many countries have special export/import requirements, such as blood tests, health certificates etc. Friesian Horse Stables – Frysk-Andaluz will fulfil these obligations for you at cost.

After having fulfilled all required obligations the horse will be transported to the new owner, either by truck or by airplane. Flying is not dangerous or stressful for the horses. During the flight several grooms take care of the horse to make there flight a comfortable one. We have sold horses all over the world, from the USA till Australia. We will use the best agencies to fly your horses.