BREEDING 2011 / 2012
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The following stallion choices are made:


We are happy to anounce to you that the following foals are born at our farm in 2011:

- Kerel van Zomerstaete born at 24-2-2011, Wonderful colt sired by Teeuwis 389 Sport x Brandus 345 Sport x Tsjalling Preferent x Wessel Preferent. Full papers: His Grandmother is also the Grandmother of the approved stallions Bonne 341 en Teunis 332 Sport+Preferent!! Very impressive blood and motherline, his mother has a more than excellent character and the real Friesian looks with much manes! Syl has been bred by Tymon 456: 0.39% inbreeding and 17.3% Affinity!!


- Lente van Zomerstaete born at 21-3-2011, a very chique elegant expression with a great conformation and impressive gaits!! Comes out of a superb blood and motherline!! Her father is Stendert 447 x Hearke Sport+Preferent x Wessel Preferent x Hindrik 222 x Ewold 181. Her mother is Ster+Preferent / Ster+Preferent 5* / Model+Preferent / Ster+Preferent 5*.
Lente has a low inbreeding of only 0.98% and 17.9% Affinity. Hinke will be breed again by Stendert 447!!


- Kanjer van Zomerstaete, born at 25-03-2011. A very impressive looking colt with a gorgeous shaped head and a Big Neck, a real stallion looking young boy!! His mother has been bred back by Pier 448 because this seems to be a great combination!! Pier 448 x Onne 376 Sport+Preferent x Feitse 293 Preferent! Kanjer has a lot of Preferent in his pedigree and a nice inbreeding of 2.73% and 17.2% affinity percentage.