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As we told you Friesian Horse Stables – Frysk-Andaluz has top quality Friesian horses! We mainly concentrate on breeding Friesians, but we also buy, train and sell Friesian horses.


We breed with the highest quality broodmares to which we carefully select the sires. All breeding is performed under the strictest veterinarian control.

Selection criteria
When breeding, buying and selling, we abide by the following selection criteria:

The Friesian horse is famous worldwide for its wonderful character. And we would like to keep it that way! Therefore we select our horses at character first!


Beauty, confirmation and temperament
Who wants an ugly horse? No one, therefore we look at the key qualities that are breed specific, and that enhance the horse’s natural beauty, confirmation and temperament.

Bloodlines are important factors, as well for mares (breeding purposes) as for young stallions. That is why we strictly observe bloodlines in breeding and purchasing our horses, as to best preserve the integrity of the respective breed.

Off course price is important. We would like to sell top quality horses to everyone that is as fascinated by Friesians as we are. Therefore we have horses of various prices to make them accessible to all.

At Friesian Horse Stables we train most of our horses ourselves, to make sure this is done in a gentle, horse friendly and professional way, and when the horse is ready for it!


Many of our horses are double trained. After the horses are professionally taught the basic riding skills they are being further trained for dressage riding. We also train our horses for driving ourselves in a decent way so people can drive them safely and joyfully in the country and in traffic.



We don’t always have the horse you are looking for at our stables. If that is the case we are gladly willing to search for you. You can fill out the “dreamhorse” form, that way we will get a good idea of the horse you are looking for. We will do everything we can to find your “dreamhorse”.