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Friesians for sale, Friesian horses for sale, Friesian horse breeder - Rotterdam

You will find our stables in the green countryside of the Hoeksche Waard in the Netherlands, just below Rotterdam.
With an enthusiastic team of people and lots of passion for our horses we breed and train the beautiful Friesian horse.
We love the powerful Friesian horse for his magnificent character and temperament coupled with beauty and elegance! Our horses are the top in trustworthiness and are perfectly suitable as riding horse as well as for carriage use...
But, since we want you to share in the extraordinary horse experience of owning a Friesian horse we will assist in any way we can! For horses available visit the item "Friesians for sale" . Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for more information about our horses.

Friesians for sale


Lobje - Tymon 456 Sport x Adel 357 Sport - Very elegant mare, FIRST Premium as a foal - much power in her movements!

First premium as a foal, born at the famous breeder Tinus Hooijmans in Kerkdriel! Comes out of a full papered mother line! Interesting mare for sports and breeding! Read more

Jente - Reinder 452 Sport x Tsjalke 397 - Future sports stallion!

4 year old stallion, great moving horse! Clean x-rays! Full papered mother line: Ster / Model+Pref / Ster / Ster! He received a 2nd premium as a foal! Read more

Zonne - Onne 376 Sport x Adel 357 Sport x Melle 311 Sport - 3rd Pr. stb mare with a lot of Expression!!

Royal Friesian mare with lots of expression! Became this year 3rd Pr. studbook and has already produced 3 foals! Read more
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„Mijn eerste kennismaking met FHS was overweldigend, wat een enthousiaste mensen.“ Read more

Margreet en Bram van den Braak , Boxtel